Vellore (India). On 8 March 2024, International Women’s Day, the Kanali women’s group of the Auxilium College of Education in Vellore, St. Thomas Apostle Province (INM), in the annual tradition of paying tribute to women engaged in the district of Vellore, presented the Mamma Margherita Award. This Award, dedicated to the mother of Don Bosco, recognizes her significant role in promoting the richness of women within the educational mission of Don Bosco, in particular through the promotion of integral ecology and the start of vegetable gardens in Salesian houses.

Mrs. K. Deepalakshimi, passionate about organic farming and founder and CEO (CEO) of the SD Vellore Agriculture and Research Foundation, was awarded the Prize for her valuable contributions to organic farming and her continued commitment to sustainable farming practices.

In her thanks, she stressed the importance of environmental protection and told how she dedicated herself to the care of the common home. Over the past 12 years, her organization has worked hard to improve the livelihoods of rural areas by providing agricultural advice, training, and promoting self-employment opportunities. In addition, she has carried out several programs to raise awareness about organic farming for school students.

The dedication to service and solidarity of Mrs. Deepalakshimi have been recognized through numerous awards, including the award “Best young farmer” of CNN, the award “Domestic entrepreneurs” of the Brand Avatar Group, and the award “Best Young Organic Farmer” by APJ Abdul Kalam Trust. Her commitment to the environment goes beyond her organization, as she actively engages in television and radio interviews, publications, conferences with experts, and agricultural programs aimed at promoting environmental awareness in society.

The Mamma Margherita Award was presented to Mrs. Deepalakshimi by some members of Auxilium College: Sister Mary Josephine Rani A., Secretary; Sister Jayasanthi R., Animator and Sister Arockia Jayaceli, supervisor of the exams, Head of the Tamil Department and coordinator of the Kanali women’s group.

The Kanali group at Auxilium College continues to be a guiding light for young women, inspiring them to strengthen themselves and make a significant contribution to society and the global community.


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