Gallarate (Italy) The adolescents and young people of the Madonna in Campagna Oratory of Gallarate (VA) of the Lombard Province of the Holy Family (ILO), coordinated by Sister Lucia Brasca, Daughter of Mary Help of Christians in charge of the Teenagers and Young People Group, after the closure of schools and oratories and the withdrawal of all the population into their homes  due to the Covid-19 emergency, wondered how they could be useful in this time of difficulty.

In the first video call, they were confronted with the situation of Turin in 1854 and it resounded loudly, when a terrible cholera epidemic broke out. Don Bosco promised his boys that if they were in God’s grace, they would be able to help without getting infected. Thoughts  immediately went to the most fragile people, who live alone and cannot go out even for basic needs. Here is the answer: activate a grocery and medicine shopping service for home delivery.

Initially, the collection of cases takes place through knowledge and word of mouth, also via social media. Then the voice reaches the Municipality of Gallarate, which sends compliments for the initiative, together with disposable gloves, masks, and a special authorization for the service to those in need.

Subsequently, the Red Cross communicates the activation of a single telephone number for these needs, through which all the requests of Gallarate will be collected and sorted, so that the young people can divide the areas to make home deliveries.

In addition to the Covid-19 pandemic, an epidemic of good will made up of simple gestures and attention is spreading. Next to the thoughts and organizational ideas, the young people starting from a video call, knew how to look at reality and begin with simplicity “from below” to bring relief and hope to those who need it most.

giovani e fma gallarate emergenza covid19


  1. Congratulazioni per la coraggiosa iniziativa e per il bene che i giovani stanno facendo. Don Bosco li protegge e da loro forza e coraggio. Il Signore benedica tutti voi.


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