Rome (Italy). On February 16, 2018, the Press Conference was held at the Press Office of the Holy See on the Pre-Synodal Meeting that will take place in Rome from March 19th to 24th 2018.

The Pre-Synodal Meeting was aimed at giving the possibility for the young to present to the Synod Fathers who will gather in Assembly in October 2018 on the theme “The young, the faith, and vocational discernment”, a document in which they express their point of view on reality, their ideas, their feelings, and their proposals. There will be 315 young people participating from the whole world, together with some parents, educators, priests, pastoral workers, and experts on the world of the young.

The event wants to involve the largest number of youth possible from the whole world. Those who will not participate physically in the pre-synod gathering, will be able to unite themselves to those who will meet in Rome by using the social networks. All are invited to participate in the collective story and make their voice heard, so that the fruit of the pre-synod gathering will be the greatest possible expression of the whole youth world.

Therefore, the invitation is for all the components of the Salesian Family (through the Web Sites and Social Networks, and other channels) and to all the members of the Educating Communities at the greatest world level possible to listen to the young and are asked to go to the Site (in five languages) to be able to download all the useful materials and thus be able to use them in all the educational environments.

The Work Track is the basic tool for the work during the pre-Synodal Meeting. The Letter of Invitation is a “bridge” with young people from all over the world, inviting them to participate. The 15 #hashtag  for sharing is the tool that desires to encourage interaction with those who will be in Rome.

During the Pre-Synodal Meeting, you can participate in the work by sending the result of the reflection to one of the linguistic groups for which it is necessary to register in advance. To register you must visit: and/or

“We hope that in this way, we can really make the young people of the world feel involved in this journey of sharing and listening that is very much at the heart of the Church today”.


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