Castelgandolfo (Italy). How to present the figure of Mother Mazzarello in a new and close way, how to tell the Mornese charism through words and music?

Prompted by this question, the Communication Team developed an Educommunication project on YouTube  ‘Mother Mazzarello in Music’: a channel for dissemination, discovery, sharing, and exchange on the spirituality of Mornese with the production of songs that speak of Mother Mazzarello and the Salesian charism. It is a way of expressing in song her life, her message, her spirituality, her particular call ‘I entrust them to you’  and many other characteristics of her educational mission.

The channel was created in continuity with the Mother Mazzarello in Music Web Site that the Novices of Castel Gandolfo and Rome made a few years ago, with the repertoire of songs on Mother Mazzarello.

On the Website you can download the mp3 files of the songs, the lyrics, the scores for guitar, piano/organ and the song cards in different languages.

The intention of the YouTube channel and the website is to create a network to  share songs and  enrich them,  narrating the Salesian charism with a variety of languages.


YouTube Madre Mazzarello in Musica
Sito WEB Madre Mazzarello in Musica

To share this adventure with the novices and for information on the channel, website or project, the reference email is


  1. Ma che belissimo!
    Congratulazione alle Novizie e a tutte le Suore coinvolta in questo progetto musicale.


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