Bangkok (Thailand). On 11 and 12 June 2022, at the headquarters of the Province of St. Maria Mazzarello in Bangkok, the formation meeting for the Animators of the nine Communities of the Province took place on the theme “Walking together with passion in missionary animation.”

Present at the meeting were the Provincial, Sr. Nipha Agnese Rangabpit; Sr. Ruth del Pilar Mora, General Councilor for the Missions Sector online from Rome; Sr. Teresa Pornpirun Chandenduang, Provincial Missions Coordinator.

The memorial of St. Barnabas Apostle, celebrated on 11 June, was propitious for addressing the missionary mandate and spirituality of the Church and the Salesian charism. The participants also had the opportunity to study in-depth the programming of the FMA Institute and the THA Province.

In her intervention, Sr. Ruth del Pilar Mora shared the commitment of the FMA Institute to missionary accompaniment of the Provinces and urged the participants to be active as educators/evangelizers according to the Salesian spirit. “We are all missionaries. Our mission is about living, not doing; it is about welcoming the life of God into us.”

She then left them three words: see, hear, and imitate the Virgin Mary, who accompanies the Son in the proclamation of the Good News. “Living in such a way as to generate life: it is a being-presence. The missionary finds herself in the place where she is sent with a quality presence, with the witness of the proclamation of the Word.”

On 12 June, the contents of the missionary spirituality proper to the Salesian charism were presented, bearing in mind the inter-religious context of Thailand. Each Animator shared her own experience regarding missionary activities in her own community and for the various animation groups.

At the end of the meeting, the participants thanked the Provincial for her formative presence at all times, and also Sr. Anna Grassi, Sr. Rapeephan Charoenrat, and Sr. Teresa Pornpirun Chandenduang for sharing the contents that helped them to grow in knowledge in order to walk together as an Institute in the missionary animation of the realities entrusted to them.


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