Palermo (Italy). From 8 to 13 April 2024, in Palermo, at Don Bosco Institute, Villa Ranchibile, the vocational week took place animated by a team of young Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of Mother Maddalena Morano Province (ISI) and Salesians of Don Bosco of St. Paul Province (ISI) on the theme: “My only desire is that you be happy in time and eternity.”

During the week, various activities were carried out with the 950 students of the Secondary School of First and Second level, the latter articulated in the Classical, Scientific, and Economic Social Lyceums.

“And the moon knocked at the gates of darkness”, sang Loredana Bertè, famous Italian singer, at the beginning of the 80s. The testimony of young consecrated people has been linked to the theme of light that is received from Christ as the moon reflects that of the sun, and the experience of darkness, that challenges to start again and to “rekindle oneself”.

In the meetings in the assembly, during the morning of spiritual retreat, but especially with the formative dynamics  made class by class, many teenagers became emotionally involved, putting themselves into play with the simple gesture of rekindling a light bulb that, together with those of their companions, made a great moon shine.

This is what Agnese, student of the fourth year of the Classic Liceo, writes:

“Don Bosco’s dream is that happiness is not ‘optional’, but the heart of every young person’s life, called to give a deep and true meaning to life, to relationships. The young consecrated persons that we have known were tangible signs that happiness really exists and that it is not a utopia at all. In giving themselves to others, especially to young people, they have found the deepest reason for their existence.

Rediscovering Christ in our lives as the Light that can transform even our innermost wounds, the ones that hurt us the most, that distance us from happiness, in slits, is the turning point! For He is truly capable of making the life of each of us become something wonderful! This is the vocation of each: to be light of Jesus in everyday life and to reflect it thanks to those slits”.

The young FMA and SDB team, also experienced days of great charismatic richness, characterized by the simplicity of the rhythm of the school day. The Eucharist of the morning celebrated together and the uninterrupted presence among the boys and girls of the school and the oratory,  ‘cemented’ the group, making present and visible the educative heart of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello.



  1. Grazie! Essere Luce, di quella Luce che attingiamo da Gesù, ns unica forza è lo scopo della nostra vita: il Lui tutto, le persone e le cose trovano il giusto posto. Gesù, aiutami a tenere fisso il mio sguardo su di Te lungo il cammino che hai tracciato x me. Rendimi luce anche a mia insaputa, x affascinare a te quanti mi vivono accanto. Grazie! Sr. Nunziatina Cirami fma di Acireale


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