Brazzaville (Congo Brazzaville). From 15 to 28 November 2023, the General Councilor for Administration of the FMA Institute, Sister Ena Veralís Bolaños, is visiting the Province of St. Mary D. Mazzarello (AEC) of Equatorial Africa.

Arriving on November 15 at the airport of Brazzaville, capital of Congo Brazzaville, Sister Ena was welcomed by the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of the Community Bl. Maria Troncatti, where she stopped.

On 16 November, she met the young women who are learning to be seamstress at the FMA house. In the morning, the meeting with the Animators and Economers of the two houses of Congo Brazzaville followed; while in the evening she met all the Sisters of the two communities for a time of formation on management and “the care of our Houses”. The aim of this animation visit is, in fact, to encourage the FMA to a generative management of life.

In the evening, the Sisters celebrated a moment of thanksgiving, first of all with prayer, using the symbology of water, which each Sister put in a container held by Sister Ena, to signify their thanks and commitment to participate in local, Provincial, and World management of the Houses of the AEC Province. Subsequently, during recreation, each community presented the different activities of its own reality.

On the morning of 17 November, after the Eucharist, Sister Ena was accompanied to the airport to go to Yaoundé to meet the Sisters of Cameroon and Chad.


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