Tam Ha (Vietnam). On 7 October 2023, in the chapel of the Provincial House of Tam Ha, at the Vespers of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, the entry of nine young women into the Postulancy of the Province of Mary Help of Christians (VTN) was celebrated. Present at the simple and profound ceremony were Sister Maria Do Thi Tuyet Nhung, Provincial Vicar, Sister Teresa Uong Thi Doan Trang, Provincial Councilor for Formation, the Animators and the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of the three communities of Tam Ha.

To prepare for this important day, guided by Sister Marta Hoang Thi Thuy, Animator of Saint Joseph community, the candidates reflected to become aware and understand the formative stage of the Postulancy as described by the Constitution of the FMA Institute no. 88: “During this period the postulant will commit herself to deepen her understanding of God’s call, and will gradually and serenely make the detachment spoken of in the Gospel.  This is indispensable for a true personal encounter with Christ, and a more generous dedication to others.”

The rite began with the prayer for the candidates, followed by Sister Marta calling the nine young women by name. After the interrogation by the Provincial Vicar, the candidates publicly expressed their “desire to deepen their personal relationship with Christ, to serve poor and abandoned youth according to the Charism of the Institute.” With trust in the grace of God and in the help of Mary Help of Christians, they asked to begin the period of Postulancy. Subsequently, Sister Maria welcomed them and presented the medal to each of them.

Subsequently, Sister Maria spoke to everyone, inviting the new Postulants, the Novices, and the sisters to learn from Mary the attitude of listening and obedience, to generate life in Christ. “The water was transformed into delicious wine thanks to the listening and prompt obedience of the servant. Mary shows us the formula for producing the new wine, ‘Do whatever he tells you’ so that the sisters may always be docile, listen, and put the Word of God into practice.”

At the end of Vespers, with a filial heart and with the song, “Lord, be with me”, the Postulants expressed their gratitude to God, to the Provincial, to the Vicar, to the Provincial Councilors, to the Animators, and to the Communities who prayed, accompanied, and guided them, to be able to proceed on their vocational journey with joy, freedom, and responsibility.



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