Rome (Italy). On 8 June 2024, the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and the Study Center on the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of the Pontifical Faculty of Educational Sciences “Auxilium” are promoting an in-depth conference on Mother Caterina Daghero, broadcast in live streaming starting from 10:00.

The conference entitled, The long governance of an educational institute (1881-1924), will be held in Rome at the General House of the FMA Institute and will be attended by the Superior General, Mother Chiara Cazzuola and her Council, Superior Generals and provincials of various religious Institutes, members of various Institutes and associations, representatives of various groups of the Salesian Family. The great-grandniece of Mother Daghero will also participate.

The event is part of the celebrations of the Centenary of the death of the first Successor of Mother Mazzarello (26 February 1924-2024). In fact, the conference follows Mother Caterina Daghero: from Nizza to the world with foresight of prospects  – held on 24 February in Nizza Monferrato at the Our Lady of Grace Institute of  Mary Help of Christians Province (IPI)  and the celebrations in Cumiana, Turin, birthplace of Mother Daghero, with a round table on 19 April,  the Feast for everyone on 5 May and the Torchlight procession on 7 May.

During the conference speakers will highlight the relevance of Mother Caterina Daghero from a historical, institutional, charismatic, and educational point of view: Fr. Francesco Motto, SDB; Sister Grazia Loparco, Sister Ana Maria Fernandez Otero, Sister Maria Concetta Ventura, Doctor Giulia Galeotti, Sister Piera Cavaglià.

The unpublished Letters of Mother Caterina, currently being published, will also be presented, which provide a portrait of a profoundly Salesian consecrated woman, capable of combining delicate motherhood and authoritative firmness, wisdom and resourcefulness, attention to each person and a vision of the future of the Institute.

Mother Caterina Daghero (Cumiana, Turin 1856 – Nizza Monferrato, Asti 1924) – is the first successor of Saint Mary Domenica Mazzarello, called to lead the Institute from 1881 to 1924. At the death of Mother Mazzarello, the FMA numbered 166 in 26 houses, located in four countries (Italy, France, Uruguay, Argentina). At the death of Mother Catherine, the FMA numbered 4,276 in 487 houses, in 34 nations and 4 continents.

In a forty-year period marked by profound social, economic, and political changes, by crises and conflicts that culminated in the First World War, among the female religious Institutes that propose an unprecedented protagonism of women in multiple fields of charity, Mother Caterina Daghero leads the Institute with wisdom and motherliness, creating an effective mediation between the first generation of the FMA and the subsequent ones.

As Superior General, she orients the feminine translation of Don Bosco’s style, the “spirit of Mornese”, giving it worldwide diffusion and a face that responds to the needs of modernity. The opening and development of educative works aimed at the integral education of girls contributes incisively to the promotion of women, especially in the poorest contexts of Italy and other Countries.

Mother Caterina has the joy and security of being able to count on the guidance of Don Bosco first, and then of Fr. Rua, Fr. Albera, and Fr. Rinaldi, successors of the Founder. She lived with suffering, but also with a spirit of obedience to the Holy See, the moment of separation of the FMA Institute from the Salesian Congregation in 1906 – 1907. A pruning that did not fail to bear fruit, because she, always moved by the passion of Da mihi animas, knows how to lead it with discernment, encouraging new works to prepare girls for the responsibilities of adult life in the family, in society, in the Church.


Link for live streaming


  1. Louvo a Deus pela iniciativa desta Comemoração! Só assim, temos a oportunidade de aprofundar o conhecimento sobre Madre Daghero. Viveu um século a frente! Mulher forte e materna, segura e sempre aberta às inspirações do Espírito Santo. Obrigada!

  2. Thank you very much for this inspiring and invigorating presentation. Any FMA who doubts her abilities or preparation to face today’s challenges needs to see this.
    I’m sure Our Lady smiles on all who contributed in any way. Congrats!
    What a great Family!

  3. Grazie mille da Port-Bergé di Madagascar. Abbiamo vissuto tutto con voi e ringraziamo di cuore per questa grande richezza ch’è Madre Caterina Daghero.

  4. Muito obrigada por esta bela iniciativa de uma FMA que deu tanto vigor ao Instituto.
    Que Maria Auxiliadora abençoe cada um que tornou possível este encontro e a possibilidade de todo o mundo poder também assistir.

  5. “Allargare il cuore e rimboccarsi le maniche” Grazie di questo convegno molto illuminante per l’oggi

  6. grazie di cuore per questo servizio familiare, culturale e religioso che ci aiuta a non dimenticare le radici per poter crescere con vigore aperte allo Spirito che vuole sempre di piú lanciare i gioveni nel Cammino della Vita. Grazie.

  7. Que riqueza o Instituto nos proporciona! Espero que depois, este conteúdo esteja ao alcance de todas as FMA que não conseguiram acompanhar on line. Obrigada! Parabéns aos organizadores e realizadores deste importante evento. Sucesso!


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