Rome (Italy). On April 13, 2018 an event concludes the year of reflection and commitment of the students of the Pontifical Faculty “Auxilium” on the theme of the Synod on young people.

The appointment is at 10.00 am in the Great Hall “John Paul II” for the “SynL@b 2018. Cultivate talent”.

Synl@b means “workshop on the Synod” because the event was conceived as an occasion for exchange, dialog, and reflection on the “hot” themes of the Synod of Bishops on: “Young people, faith and vocational discernment”, convoked by Pope Francis for the month of October 2018.

In the talk show, which acts as a container for the various moments of the morning, students and teachers will be interviewed about young people, choices, and faith while the same topics will be explored with video clips, songs, reflections, and interaction with the audience.

A particular focus will be reserved to reflect on the fears and dreams of today’s young people starting from the direct experience of the students but also in the light of the words that Pope Francis continually addresses to all young people of the world: “Dream that with you the world can be different. If you give your best, you will help the world to be better”.

We will also talk about choices, faith and vocation. It is not possible, in fact, to give substance to their dreams and projects without deciding to walk in a specific direction: “Cultivating the talent to educate” is the goal towards which the formation offered by our Faculty converges and is also one of the decisive choices towards which to orient one’s future profession. Even this choice is a small but concrete brick in view of responding to a project, to a call that extends to the fundamental questions of life. It is still Pope Francis who reminds us that “life is perfumed when it is offered as a gift; it becomes insipid when it is kept for itself “.



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