Rome (Italy). Christ is truly risen! It is the joy of the announcement of Resurrection. Today we are called to rediscover the mystery of Easter, of Resurrection which is change, moral and social rebirth, redemption, future. Christ is risen. An overwhelming truth that, two thousand years ago, gave new life to the whole of humanity and continues to question us as Christians and as citizens of this world, because we must always feel in search of the truth. We are all called to seek that truth which must lead to change, to redemption, to new life, passing from suffering to the difficulties of living to joy and hope for the future.

We are invited to follow this “way of beauty”, which allows us to enter into the mysteries of the Lord Jesus also through the language of sculptures.

The “Resurrection” of the Nervi Hall in the Vatican City. A powerful work, which suggests an explosion, a sort of rift on the earth, a huge earthquake from which Christ emerges serene. Christ emerges from the earth, from the wind, from the fire which are the primordial elements from which every substance originates and are at the basis of the order of things.

It is precisely in this way that, since the first centuries, Christians have celebrated Easter, like a new creation, a re-ordering of the things that in this sculpture are translated with the language of beauty and strength. The fire, the wind, the sky, and the earth, the strength of these elements accompanies our daily life, becomes a metaphor of the presence of God, a beneficial, vital presence … even if sometimes we struggle to recognize it.

The Resurrection speaks of power, of strength, of life. It speaks of wind, of fire, of earth, and of rocks that are torn apart to let Life burst forth and restore innocence and freedom to wounded creation.

This is our Easter: to accept that something is dying; to accept that the earth receives a seed that becomes fruitful only if it dies; to accept that life forces us to leave something so that the future can be, even if uncertain and laborious, received, but it is always a future, it will be a miracle!

He conquered death. He is the Victor because He is the origin of His victory and He can offer it to everyone, without exclusion or discrimination.

Easter is an announcement of consoling hope in the adversities of a history, the human one, in which the dark horizons of evil do not seem to disappear, but it is precisely here that life breaks through. In the moment of the Resurrection there enters into us the energy of divine life that renews us. It is a kind of Big Bang that begins a new creation and that gives us the right to hope.

The proclamation of Easter reaches families in difficulty, who have lost their employment, their home, in which love is fragile, where children see a gray future, unemployed young people, students who after receiving their degrees or diplomas are faced with a question mark…

Thus, exchanging Easter greetings is beautiful for this reason: it is HE who says to each one of us: I am risen, and I am with you! Happy Easter!


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