Beata la Famiglia Salesiana

Turin (Italy). On January 13, 2019, the Salesian Family Spirituality Days concluded that took place in Turin Valdocco beginning on 10 January 2019.

The Eucharistic celebration is presided by the Rector Major who in his homily stressed that life is mission. The Salesian Family is a mission in its way of living, in the witness of the simple life that touches the heart, and in the witness of communion that fosters unity in diversity and cultural richness.

Beata la Famiglia Salesiana

In the concluding meeting, Fr Eusebio Muñoz, Delegate of the Rector Major for the Salesian Family, presented the synthesis of the group work which proposes initiatives and paths of holiness, attending to the relationship with God and witness in the mission.

Renato Valera, President of ADMA and Tullio Lucca, President Emeritus of ADMA, presented the VIII International Congress of Mary Help of Christians on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the ADMA Foundation in Argentina in November 2019.

In his final talk, the Rector Major invited the participants to consider the Salesian Family Spirituality Days as the starting point for relaunching and living the commitment to holiness. The whole assembly proclaimed together the Beatitudes of the Salesian Family, the result of the group work. 

  1. Blessed is the Salesian Family who finds joy in poverty. Imbued with God’s grace, it will work miracles amongst the poorest and emarginated youth …this is holiness!
  2. Blessed is the Salesian Family who embodies the docility and love of the Good Shepherd. It thus welcomes and accompanies youth with loving kindness, forming them towards dialogue and the welcoming of diversity …this is holiness!
  3. Blessed is the Salesian Family who accompanies others, heals the wounds of those who suffer, and gives hope to those who feel hopeless, thus bringing the joy of the Resurrected Christ …this is holiness!
  4. Blessed is the Salesian Family who hungers and thirsts for justice, and accompanies youth on their mission to actualise their life project within their families, at the workplace, and within political and social commitment …this is holiness!
  5. Blessed is the Salesian Family who has a lived experience of mercy, opening its eyes and heart to actively listen and forgive. It thus becomes a home that welcomes others …this is holiness!
  6. Blessed is the Salesian Family who seeks to be authentic, whole, and transparent, whilst cultivating a loving gaze that goes beyond appearances and recognises the grace of God within each person …this is holiness!
  7. Blessed is the Salesian Family who draws from the truth of the Gospel and remains faithful to the charism of Don Bosco. It thus becomes yeast for a new humanity, and joyfully embraces the cross joy for the Kingdom of God …this is holiness!


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