(Rome Italy). “A Church on the move, capable of dreaming of new ways to serve the Gospel, of movement supported by a hope that urges it to change and to be the leaven of change in the world, to listen without prejudice and stereotypes above all to young people, a Church that is not afraid of change“.

With these words of Pope Francis, Sr. Vilma Tallone, General Economer of the FMA Institute, introduced the Formation Day for the Animators and Economers of the Roman Province of St. John Bosco held on March 23, 2019, in the Provincial House of Rome.


Challenged by Pope Francis, Sr. Vilma invited the participants To await the future with hope… in line with the economy.

The passage From the growth of consumption to the profound satisfaction of life, and some notes on the Pope’s Message for Lent led to the reflection that “Those who remain within their borders have no future”.

The underlining of the 5 trends of the future economy based on the collective involvement of the social reality was interesting: Co-creation; the Sharing economy or the economy of sharing; the economy of the producers in movement; the inclusive economy; the circular economy.

The reference to the economic and social responsibility of the Animator and of the Economer led to a greater awareness that the economy is a very concrete science and activity. It focuses on concrete people, situation of the works, and concrete activities … the economy is neither a dream nor poetry. And yet, to avoid being asphyxiated and without prospects, the economy needs dreams and hopes. It needs women and sisters with broad horizons, able to cross the border of the backyard toward the world, our Common Home.

The afternoon was dedicated to an update on the Collaborative Platform and to a concrete approach to the Permanent Patrimony.

“Formation is never neutral but thanks to the action of the Spirit, it frees from resistance and urges innovation and change”.



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