Vellore (India). On 11 June 2024, at Auxilium College of Gandhi Nagar, Vellore, of St. Thomas the Apostle Province (INM), a formative workshop was held for the teachers of the College on the “Salesian Characteristics of Higher Education”.

The workshop aimed to highlight innovative approaches to the education of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and the fundamental values of compassion and empowerment, principles that have shaped and inspired a generation of students in pursuing knowledge and virtue. The knowledge acquired during the meeting is fundamental to define strategies and approaches for the academic year 2024/25.

The meeting provided an in-depth overview of the historical and contemporary contributions of the Salesian Sisters, as well as their visionary leadership and innovative approaches to education. Among the fundamental values of Salesian education were in fact illustrated compassion, which implies empathy, kindness, and a deep commitment to supporting the personal growth of every student; and empowerment, which guarantees students the confidence and skills needed to make a significant contribution to society.

The integral approach of the Salesian Preventive System allows students a balanced development of the intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions. The principles and values transmitted by the FMA thus continue to shape educational institutions, fostering environments in which students are encouraged to excel.

During the workshop, the teachers had the opportunity to share their personal and professional growth guided by Salesian principles, including the inspiration of role models and community strengthening.

The integration of Salesian values in curriculum development, personal education programs, mentoring programs, welfare promotion initiatives, professional development, and student involvement, are some of the practical applications and constitute the future steps of the FMA of Auxilium College in Higher Education.

By embracing and integrating the fundamental values of the Salesian Preventive System, the Institution is committed to cultivating a new generation of students who are academically competent, morally founded, and socially responsible.


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