Con Maria, insieme ai giovani seminiamo la Parola

Tam Ha (Vietnam). On November 10, 2018 the Provincial House at Tam Ha in Mary Help of Christians Province (VTN) hosted the Missionary Day on the theme “With Mary, together with the young we sow the Word”.

The Missionary Day is organized every year by the Province Missionary Team with the aim of strengthening missionary zeal. This year, inspired by the Bishops Synod 2018, in addition to the participation of the FMA, there was the participation of about 50 young people who collaborated with the FMA in the mission in various communities.

To open the day, the Provincial, Sr. Rosa Vu Thi Kim Lien invited the participants to live the missionary vocation with joy and enthusiasm in daily life, in their environments.

A central time was the encounter with Fr. Giovanni Battista Truong Thanh Cong, a missionary priest in the poor and distant area of the diocese of Can Tho. Fr. Giovanni Battista shared his experience lived through concrete initiatives during his long years in the missions. Regarding the catechesis for the catechumens, he emphasized the importance of creating the conditions for encountering Jesus, for experiencing and enjoying the beauty of the Christian faith. He also spoke of the need to be generous in sowing the Word with everyone and to have the heart of the Good Shepherd so that everyone ‘may have life in abundance’.

Through the ‘missionary diary’, using images, music, and stories there was the presentation of the missionary experiences accomplished by the communities of the Province.

The day concluded with the commissioning celebration in which, with Mary, every participant chose a ‘land’ in which to sow the Word and bring the Gospel to the place where they are called to live this year.


Con Maria, insieme ai giovani seminiamo la Parola


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