Cagliari (Italy). The Sardinia Region has activated the “CUMENTZU” Notice for the strengthening of skills and the active inclusion of immigrants present in our territory.

The recipients are citizens of Third Countries who have reached the age of majority and who are either applicants and beneficiaries of international and humanitarian protection or subjects taken in charge by the social-assistance or social-health services.

The CIOFS-FP Sardinia has adhered to the Notice and prepared a project with the objective of guaranteeing these young people different opportunities to participate in the active life of the territory, increasing their transversal, professional, and cultural skills.

A first part of the project foresees various information and guidance activities to help young immigrants learn about the project and take stock of their skills, attitudes, and work desires; this first moment will end with the preparation of the personalized plan of the objectives and activities of each individual participant.

Then there will be several active citizenship workshops: inclusive, play/formative, guided visits to local services, and targeted training on some important disciplines for the inclusion of young people. These activities, instruments of encounter, knowledge and comparison, desire to foster a sense of belonging to the community and strengthen the group spirit in the participants.

As a last step, internships will be activated in local companies, during which the trainees will be supported by a company tutor and a training tutor who will have the task of supporting them operatively, facilitating their integration into the company.

The constant observation and monitoring of the internship carried out by the company tutor, the accompanying tutor, and the cultural mediator and the confrontation with the CIOFS-FP Sardinia team and the guide who is in charge of the phases of the orientation process foreseen in the individual path, will guarantee the necessary feedback with itineraries and at the end of the training period, and will be able to favor integration in the social context and in the labor market.

A beautiful journey awaits us with our friends from other countries but we are ready to start our journey together: an interweaving of lives, cultures, stories, countries from which an extraordinary mutual wealth will be released.

We will bring together new opportunities and perspectives for the personal and professional future of these young people of ours.


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