Bahía Blanca (Argentina) The Covid-19 pandemic does not stop the creativity of the FMA of the Argentina St. Francis Xavier Province of Bahía Blanca (ABB), who reach out to young people with proposals for vocational meetings and online volunteering.

Incontri vocazionali giovani - ABB

“I seek you” (Te busco) is a path of accompaniment for young people in discernment and reflection on their own life project. This virtual initiative of the Province Vocation Ministry took place in the months of August and September with young people who decided to reserve a space for themselves to take their lives in hand and listen to the voice of God who works in each one.

The journey is dedicated to young people over the age of 17 and each meeting addresses issues concerning prayer, the Word of God, service, and accompaniment. Five meetings were held every two weeks in which young people from the Northern Patagonia region participated. Those who wished, had the possibility of personal accompaniment by the FMA.

On 3 October a new cycle entitled “All the answers in one place … the heart” began with a new group of young people. These are occasions to deepen one’s relationship with God and to discover the vocation to which each one is called to be happy.

Volunteering 2.0

The missionary month in the ABB Province began with the first virtual meeting of the Volunteers of the FMA Houses, held on 1 October 2020. Sr. Silvia Dupont, Province Coordinator of Volunteering, led the meeting which was attended by 19 young people from different cities.

“With great enthusiasm we begin this journey together, as a new family at the service of our sisters and brothers, in what we can do through the virtual environment”, said Sister Silvia.

The new challenge taken on by these young people from Comodoro Rivadavia, Junín de los Andes, Viedma, Carmen de Patagones, Santo Tomás, Roca, Pico Truncado, and Navarro, will be to think about how to help people in need in 2.0 mode.

The online meetings continue, keeping alive the slogan that accompanies the group “If you can dream it, you can do it”, with the certainty that it is always possible to help those who have less.


  1. May the Lord of the vineyard, send many and holy vocations to our Institute and to the Church. Amen.


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