Rome (Italy). The Feast of Gratitude 2021 takes place in ROME Sunday 25 April 2021 at ‘Mother Angela Vespa’ House, see of the Pontifical Faculty of Education Sciences «Auxilium».  Its theme and slogan is Networked for a culture of life.

Being online is one of the most precious resources to expand creative and collaborative energies to express to Mother Yvonne Reungoat the gratitude of the FMA, the Educating Communities, the laity, and the young people who share the Salesian charismatic mission.

Here are some steps for the preparation of World Gratitude Day 2021.


The appointment is here on:! to live the Feast also on the Network of networks and to share and relaunch the message of hope and commitment of Mother Yvonne Reungoat and of all the FMA to educate, defend, promote #culturadellavita.

Each community has been involved in an unpredictable way by Covid-19 and has tried to respond to the emergency, putting itself on the side of children, young people, families. The mandate “I entrust them to you” that marks the journey of preparation for the 150th anniversary of the Foundation of the FMA Institute (1872-2022), urged every Educating Community to support the educational mission with creativity and in all possible ways in this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Each community is invited to compose a network of gratitude and hope by sending to

* a message of gratitude to Mother using the hashtag:

#GrazieMadreper   #ThankyouMotherfor   #MerciMerepour
#GraciasMadreporque  #ObrigadaMadrepor

They will be published in this space #GrazieMadreper


​* a message of commitment for a culture of life, expressing with the following hashtag what is:

#EducareallaculturadellaVita   #EduqueralaculturedelaVie   #EducaralaculturadelaVida
#EducateinthecultureofLife   #EducaralaculturadaVida

They will be published in this space #EducareallaCulturadellaVita


The Feast of Gratitude is an opportunity to focus attention on the Institutions of Higher Studies to highlight the precious contribution they offer to the formation of the FMA and of many young people.

In her presentation of the ISS Identity Charter, Mother declares her trust in these Institutions because they allow us to create a new sapiential culture which, by valuing the contribution of specific knowledge of the various disciplines, opens up the transcendent dimension of the human being in its entirety. Trust in the Institutions and trust in educators who, welcoming the Preventive System of Don Bosco, undertake to translate his prophecy in this time, with the seal of love.

Each ISS is invited to prepare a presentation video responding to the question: How are we promoting the culture of life?


The gesture of solidarity, which will unite the FMA Institute in making the family spirit and the communion of goods visible, will be:

* for the  most urgent needs of the Institute
* for the realization of scholarships for University students in financial difficulties
* for the FMA student Sisters
* for supporting the initiatives finalized to strengthen the network of the ISS-FMA.

In the climate of the Risen Christ and of the new life that flourishes in every community, we are preparing to celebrate the Feast of Gratitude on a world level. To Mother we express the choral Thank you and the prayer of the FMA Institute.

Useful TEXTS
Dossier World Feast of Gratitude2021 
Letter of the Vicar General World Feast of Gratitude 2021
The pastoral mission in Mary Mother of the Church Preprovince


La gratitudine è la suprema forma della memoria
e va verso tutti quelli che ci hanno illuminato la vita
e ci hanno aiutato a respirare in ogni suo passaggio.
(Roberto Mancini)




  1. Dearest & Loving La Madre,
    We, the Sisters of Laura Vicuna Niwas, Ahmednagar, extend our echo of ‘THANKS’ on this beautiful world Gratitude day.
    It’s indeed fitting to thank God for your gift to our FMA world. These 12 years of your animation have indeed has borne much fruit in our lives & in the lives of the young. You have been the center of unity always trying to weave a web of joy, helping us to network for a culture of life in a more robust way.
    And so in one accord we say say, “Thank you dear Mother & remain Blessed today & always.

    Yours affectionately,
    Sisters of LV Niwas

  2. Obrigada Madre por animar o Instituto a tecer uma rede forte para promover a cultura da vida.
    Comunidade Educativa de Inharrime.

  3. Our Dearest & Very Rev. La Madre,
     Blessed is this Festal Day, filled with blessings like the sun that lights up the sky as we thank and celebrate the World Day of Gratitude in your honour – Grazie La Madre Carissima!

     Blessed is this Festal Day, that engages the whole fma world in a conspiracy of love for you – Grazie La Madre Carissima!

     Blessed is this Festal Day, more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully who makes our spiritual progress possible with inspiration and guidance – Grazie La Madre Carissima!

     Blessed is this Festal Day, that impassioned efforts and manifold ambitions of all forms of youthful activity of every generation springing from the threshold of life, because of you – Grazie La Madre Carissima!

     Blessed is this Festal Day, that gives you – A rainbow for every storm, A smile for every tear, A promise for every care, and an answer to every prayer – Grazie La Madre Carissima!

     Blessed is this Festal Day, that you make our world bright with love, we pray that this warmth remain forever and add serenity to our life – Grazie La Madre Carissima!

     Blessed is this Festal Day, that will turn each day of your life into a celebration – Grazie la Madre Carissima.

    Buona Festa!

  4. Gli Alumni della Federazione Nostra Signora delle Nevi della Colombia. Innalza una preghiera di ringraziamento per la loro gioia, generosità, dedizione e per aver portato l’eredità di Madre Mazzarrello e Don Bosco in tutto il mondo.

  5. Hoy celebramos la Fiesta de la gratitud Mundial a la Superiora Mundial: Madre Yvonne Reungoat, #GrazieMadreper ese amor incondicional y por trabajar para crear una red de la cultura de vida y de la esperanza. Y una gratitud a cada una de las hermanas de las Hijas de María Auxiliadora que son ejemplo de mujeres luchadoras, solidarias, amorosas y comprometidas. ¡Las exalumnas y exalumnos de Bolivia presente!

  6. Many, many thanks through my prayers, fidelity and commitment to our mission for the gift of Mother Yvonne. You are an inspiration to me and a visible sign of Mary’s presence in our Institute. Thank you, Madre.

  7. María Ana Lentini-20 de abril de 2021
    Soy exalumna del Colegio MARIA AUXILIADORA de Rosario, Rca. Argentina.
    DE SER…MADRE !!!!

  8. Dear Mother Yvonne,

    Viva Gesù, Viva Maria!

    We, the Past Pupils and Members of the Union Mary Help of Christians, Haledon, New Jersey, wish you a blessed and happy “Feast of Gratitude”.
    Thank you for the loving leadership to our dear Sisters and to the Salesian Past Pupils. Under the loving eyes of our Mary Help of Christians you,
    Mother Yvonne, guide all of us with your maternal touch and much encouragement so that we may carry on with light and hope during our earthly journey.

    Once a Salesian…always a Salesian! Therefore, Mother Yvonne, we are a family that belongs to Mary and as such we will continue on our earthly path
    filled with the typical style of Mornese – as you so clearly told us: with constancy, patience, humility and fraternal affection.

    May God continue blessing you today and always!

    In peace and hope, The Past Pupils in Haledon

  9. Querida Madre Yvonne:
    En esta fiesta del gracias, nos unimos a todo el instituto con alegría, oración y cariño, y con un profundo agradecimiento por su labor de animación, manifestado especialmente, a través de las circulares que envía, y que nos motivan a vivir más en plenitud nuestra vocación de FMA.
    GRACIAS, MADRE, por su cercanía y su entrega generosa. Pedimos al Señor que la bendiga. Un abrazo.
    Matilde García y comunidad Virgen del Camino. León (España)


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