Rome (Italy). January 22, 2024 marks the 120th anniversary of birth in heaven of Laura Vicuña (5 April 1891 – 22 January 1904), Chilean teenager, emigrated to Argentina, pupil of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, declared Blessed by Saint John Paul II in 1988.

The story of Laura is still very topical today. In less than thirteen years, she knows the pain of the loss of her father, the search for economic security and stability, disappointment and suffering in the face of the arrogance of Manuel Mora, landowner who had welcomed her mom into his house. But Laura’s life is also guarded by Providence. Her mother takes her and her sister to the school in Junín de los Andes, where the first FMA had arrived in 1889.

Accompanied by the motherliness of those courageous missionaries, Laura discovered and matured her vocation to “give her life for her mother”. For their part, the FMA understand that their community and apostolic witness, their simple and strong faith, become the womb of holiness. For this reason, the FMA communities today remember and recognize in Laura the fruit of youth holiness according to the Salesian Preventive System.

On the occasion of this anniversary, the Province of Argentina Laura Vicuña (ARG) proposes a series of initiatives in Bahía Blanca, at the urn that houses the relics of Laura, and in Junín de los Andes, where 135 years ago the first FMA arrived who welcomed Laura in their school. The theme of the various activities is “Celebrating the unconditional love of Laura Vicuña”.

In the desire not only to honor her memory, but also to be inspired by the universal values that she embodied in such an extraordinary way, the Province united during the Novena praying the Rosary transmitted live on the page Facebook IFMA.Argentina. Each Community also prepared a special altar to remember and pray to the Blessed and committed itself to a journey of deepening specific texts, reflecting on the figure and message of Laura, a gift for the Salesian Family and for the Church and the first Community of Junín de los Andes. It is also carrying out a socialization campaign of graces obtained through the intercession of ‘Laurita’.

This teenager lived a life marked by unconditional love, deep faith, and extraordinary virtues. Despite facing challenges and adversity, Laura showed heroic dedication, expecting nothing in return. Her love for God and for the family, especially for her mother, were examples of pure and sacrificial love and sustained her in the most difficult moments.

In a world in which selfishness and indifference often prevail, the story of Laura Vicuña is a call to reflect on the importance of unconditional love. True love does not seek reward or recognition, but manifests itself in acts of generosity, compassion, and sacrifice.  It encourages us to look beyond personal needs and desires and to extend our hands and hearts to others, cultivating a love that transcends all barriers.

The Province has produced some posts to reach all the parishes and the media to invite them to participate in the Eucharistic Celebrations in Junín and Bahía Blanca, (that of Bahía will be broadcast live on Facebook). In Junín de los Andes, we will go in procession to the place where Laura died. A bonfire will be made with notes containing requests for graces. The procession will be broadcast live.

Also in Chile, in the Province of San Gabriele Arcangelo (CIL), the Eucharist will be celebrated by the Archbishop emeritus of Santiago, Cardinal Celestino Aós Braco, in the Shrine dedicated to Blessed Laura Vicuña located in El Cerro Colorado, in the municipality of Renca (Metropolitan Region), where Laura was born. Link to live stream

At the end of the Eucharist, a statue of Mary Help of Christians will be blessed. It is about four meters high and from above, it will watch over the Municipality of Renca and the great Santiago. This is the first of the eleven stations that will be placed along Cerro Colorado, to facilitate the encounter with Jesus in a natural space.

The Shrine Bl. Laura Vicuña is a work of the Foundation Bl. Laura Vicuña, belonging to the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of Chile. This work is animated by a religious community that is located in the same Cerro Colorado to facilitate the reception of pilgrims.

“Somos Laura hoy” – ‘We are Laura today ‘– is the name of the national network of young people that arose at the Shrine of Laura Vicuña of the FMA of the CIL Province. The group, formed in 2021 in the context of the pandemic, is animated by the FMA of Bl. Laura Vicuña community and brings together students and alumni from various cities of Chile, who meet periodically online and in presence. It aims to spread the life and spirituality of Blessed Laura Vicuña through a website where the young members of the group provide various resources (music, videos, images, fact sheets, etc.) and share through social networks.

Video of Sister Maria Dosio for Laura’s 120th


  1. Sr Margherita Maderni
    GRAZIE per le iniziative intelligenti e necessarie, per ridare alla giovinezza la sua carica di entusiasmo e di donazione fino all’eroismo. Quante LAURITE vivono oggi drammi terribili! La nostra LAURA sia loro vicina e le accompagni, per ritrovare la serenità e la pace.


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