Cuiabá (Brazil). On 7 May 2021, the students of “Sacred Heart of Jesus” School of Cuiabá, in the Brazilian Province of Mother Mazzarello (BMM), celebrated the “Feast of the Heart”.

The feast took place in the courtyard of the School with primary and secondary school students and was organized by the Pastoral Team. Sr. Vânia Auxiliadora Siqueira Ojeda, Daughter of Mary Help of Christians, National Coordinator of Youth Ministry, presented the three moments to honor mothers, Mother Mazzarello, and Mary Help of Christians.

In the first moment, some representatives of the staff of the School went to the stage holding a rose, which they then gave to the mothers present. Representing all the mothers was Mrs. Izalbina, employed for more than 36 years at  “Sacred Heart of Jesus” School,  was welcomed together with her family,  by Sr. Vânia with these words: “The mission of the mother is to take care , so that everyone is well and the family is happy and united. Education begins when you are a child, in the arms of your mother, who teaches your first steps. The mother corrects, educates, so that her children grow up and become honest and supportive citizens. A mother knows what her children need most  and accompanies them on the journey of faith, hope, and love. Mothers have a double day’s work, but they don’t get tired. The secret is love!”

One Mother is Mary Mazzarello. Together with other educators, she gave birth to the school, to help her children walk the paths of  life. “Mary Domenica was born in Italy on 9 May 1837, into a simple and hard-working family. She started teaching sewing to girls in her village, Mornese. With other young women, she took care of the orphaned girls, welcoming them. St. John Bosco meets her and invites her to take care of poor girls. In 1872, Don Bosco founded the FMA Institute. The Institute grew and Mother Mazzarello  reached Cuiabá and today she is here to thank us for the work that is being done in this school.”

A significant figure is Mary Help of Christians, the mother of Jesus. “She did not expect God to invite her to be the mother of His Son. She  courageously accepted the important task for humanity. Like every mother, she was a faithful educator and today she continues to carry out her role as an educator, guiding her children with love, so that they may be good Christians and honest citizens.”

The moment of celebration, with songs and Marian prayers, ended with the entry of two young Past Pupils from the College who sang to Mary. The students present were given a flowering plant and sunflower seeds to bring to their mothers who followed the feast online through the YouTube Channel.


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