Chofu (Japan). On 8 April 2023, during the Easter Vigil in the Salesian parish of Chofu, Tokyo, where the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of Alma Mater Province (GIA) carry out pastoral activity, three Baptisms were celebrated. Two of the three people baptized: Hanna, an 18-year-old girl, and Yoshiko, a 40-year-old Doctor, were prepared by the FMA, who share their stories as a sign of hope.

Hanna is the daughter of a bonze, a Buddhist monk who, to his daughter who wondered about the truth, suggested that she turn to the Catholic Church. This dad, very open to interreligious dialogue, studied German at the University and retains great esteem for the writings on Christianity and various Catholic thinkers. The family lives a few steps from the House of the FMA, and even closer to the Monastery of the Carmelites, with whom he is already quite familiar.

Sensing that Hanna wanted to deepen her Catholicism, the Carmelites suggested that she contact the FMA St. Joseph House. For a year, the young woman attended catechism regularly, which concluded with Baptism on Easter night. Now, Hanna intends to continue the journey and deepen her knowledge of Jesus more and more. After high school, she began her studies to become a nurse and is in vocational search (In the photo, Hanna tells her story to the FMA).

Yoshiko, on the other hand, is a Doctor married to a doctor and has a son who attends the FMA Nursery School in Chofu. She attended the Schools of the Sisters of the White Lily up to the age of 18. Her husband attended the Jesuit School, so they share a Christian education.

Already as a girl she wanted to receive Baptism, but as her university study commitments and medical practice increased, she had to put the thought aside. Yoshiko also has a fond memory in her heart, that of Sr. Rother Ruth, a German FMA missionary in Japan who died on 15 July 2012. Sr. Ruth was a nurse and often accompanied the Sisters to the clinic run at the time by Yoshiko’s parents, when she was a child. She and Yoshiko had a shared birthday, and Sr. Ruth used to give the little girl something on that day.

The Coronavirus pandemic, with all the challenges from a human and medical point of view, have been an opportunity for the young woman to seek a way to face the great questions about life and death, in the face of which human strength alone cannot give an answer. At this point, Yoshiko opened up again to the trust in God she had experienced as a child, which led her to again desire to deepen her search and to receive Baptism. With much joy, Yoshiko therefore received Baptism, and she wanted to take “Ruth” as her Baptismal name.

These two young women, called by Jesus to become Daughters of God, make us think of how the Holy Spirit works in the heart of every person, opening the doors to hope; the seed planted, sooner or later, bears fruit!


  1. È il soffio dello Spirito Santo, così come “vento che soffia” dove – quando – come – a chi vuole!!! Grazie per la condivisione che ci concretizza e ci consolida la fiducia nell’azione divina. Tanti auguri e tante preghiere per & con HANNA e YOSHIKO!


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