Biancavilla (Italy). On the occasion of the Bicentenary of the Dream that Saint John Bosco had at the age of 9 years (1824-2024), which the whole Salesian Family is celebrating and promoting with various initiatives, the authors Vincenzo Licari and Giuseppe Marchese, of the Cultural Youth Association “D.B. Friends” of Biancavilla, Catania, conceived a musical show on the life of the Saint of the young who founded the Congregation of the Salesians in 1859.

The show DA MIHI ANIMAS “Stories from a Dream” traces the aspects related to Don Bosco and the Salesian Family: young people, fraternities, mission, work, and industriousness, the Virgin Mary, values still very current for the Church and for the world. The result is a great man with a simple heart and immense humility.

Already in 2015, on the occasion of the Bicentenary of the birth of the Saint of Turin, the two authors – assisted by Giuseppe Salvatore Ricceri, Nicola Santese, Pierfrancesco Grasso, Rosanna Zammataro, FMA, Alfredo Michele Calderoni, SDB, Salvatore Pesce – have released the album “Storie da un Sogno”, containing songs dedicated to Don Bosco, Madre Mazzarello, Mamma Margherita, Domenic Savio, Michele Magone, Mother Morano, Nino Baglieri.

The Cultural Youth Association “D.B. Friends” was founded in 2003 at the Community Mary Help of Christians of Biancavilla (CT), Sicula Mother Magdalene Morano Province (ISI), but has its roots already in 1997, at the same Institute.

It has always aimed to enhance the talent of young people, the most genuine, the one that speaks straight to the heart of those who see them, listen to them, and support them.

The founder is Vincenzo Licari, who has been president for 12 years and who now takes care of the direction, assisted by Giuseppe Marchese. The current president is the young Pierfrancesco Grasso. In these 21 years, the company has always worked hard to create shows that spoke to the youth with a positive language, transmitting values such as inclusion, fraternity, a sense of duty, and friendship.

On the YouTube Channel DBFRIENDS COMPAGNIA NOVALUNA official it is possible to see the video of the show in three parts, recorded live on 31 May 2024 at the FMA Theater in Cesarò, Messina.

The company D.B. Friends is available to represent the show where requested. For more information contact the Association by e-mail:


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