Pointe Noire (Congo Brazzaville). On 8 March 2024, as part of the celebrations for International Women’s Day, the Guidance and Employment Office (BOE) of Mother Morano Professional Formation Center, Pointe Noire, St. Mary D. Mazzarello Province (AEC)in cooperation with the European Institute for Cooperation and Development (IECD) and ESSOR, an international aid association, organized a round table followed by workshops on the professional integration of girls who followed the courses at Mother Morano CFP.

The integration of young people is the main challenge facing the world of Professional Formation today. In the Congolese society, marked by unemployment, supporting young people in professional formation is of fundamental importance. For this reason, the BOE, in collaboration with the European Institute for Cooperation and Development, has launched a series of activities to support them. The role of this office is in fact to advise young people on their educational and professional path, informing them about career opportunities and how to continue their studies. In this way, girls can be supported in their integration into the world of work.

The event started in the early afternoon with the welcome of the NGO leaders and entrepreneurs who took part in the round table. Sister Florence Minkoué, FMA, Director of CFP Mother Morano, then welcomed all the participants. She thanked the professionals who work for the integration of the girls. Mariana Vallo, an expert in education, guidance, and vocational integration at the IECD, then stressed the importance of training girls, both in the country and in other contexts, to ensure their autonomy and their inclusion in the world of work.

Women must be able to make their contribution with their ‘feminine genius’ to the development of societies. They must therefore be given the opportunity to form and insert themselves. After this talk, the heads of companies, the heads of NGOs, and Mother Morano Center led the round table on the reality of integration in Pointe Noire, on opportunities and obstacles for girls and companies.

All the participants were unanimous in expressing the desire to continue investing in women in their integration into the world of work.

On 7 March 2024, Pope Francis addressed the participants of the International Inter-university Congress, encouraging the formation of women. “In the world, women still suffer so much violence, inequality, injustice, and mistreatment. This is scandalous, even more so for those who profess faith in the God ‘born of a woman’ (Gal 4:4). There is a serious form of discrimination, which is precisely linked to the formation of women. It is in fact feared in many contexts, but the way to better societies passes precisely through the education of girls and young women, which benefits human development”.



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