E‘ la Pasqua del Signore

Rome (Italy). John’s Gospel presents an amazing spectacle to us.

Before dawn, Mary of Magdala, a woman distraught by the death of the Lord and full of ardent love for Him, goes to the tomb, unmindful of the soldiers on guard in the city and the few people that are on the street.

A woman, alone in the dark, guided only by the light of love. She sees the stone has been rolled back. The tomb is completely open and is empty. There is no body inside it. Jesus is no longer there. Mary’s cry rends the heart: “They took the Lord from the tomb and we do not know where they have placed Him!”

Peter and John run as in a race, between disbelief and awe. The stronger and younger one reaches first but he waits for Peter, the disciple who had wavered in his faith and had redeemed his betrayal with the bitter tears of repentance. Peter enters. The tomb is really empty. Only the burial cloths remain, signs of death; on the wounds of life are placed the kiss of hope.

Easter is the unprecedented, told through the daily words of our humanity because we are given to rise again every day. Every day hope takes shape in our small existence. Easter is here now. Everyday. Because the strength of Jesus’ Resurrection renews us and pushes us, drags us into the vortex of the gift.

For the FMA and for all the educating communities, Easter launches us to proclaim to the young the joy of the Gospel so that the new light of hope may shine in their life.

Christ lives. He is our hope and the most beautiful youth of this world. Everything He touches becomes young, becomes new, becomes filled with life”! (Christus Vivit).

Happy Easter!


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