Rome (Italy). On 9 May 2022, the anniversary of the birth of Mother Mazzarello, the Formation Sector of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians coordinates a worldwide online meeting of all the Novices with the theme: “Today Mother tells us: Courage, let’s dream big”.

This great event, which will open at 13:00 (Italian time), aims to help the Novices to:

  • experience the joy and beauty of belonging to a family that together dreams big for the life of young people.
  • sharing the dream of being a generative presence with and for young people.

The event is part of the celebrations for the 150th Anniversary of the Foundation of the FMA Institute (1872-2022) and is the continuation of the International Meeting of Novices held online by language groups – in Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish – between the end of August and the beginning of September 2021 on the theme: Today Mother writes a letter for you!

The meeting was the result of the synergy between the Formation Sector of the FMA Institute, with the Coordinator of Project Mornese, in collaboration with a team that had animated the online meeting of Project Mornese in various languages, from which arose the initiative of an online meeting of all novices in Mornese. The goal was “to meet Mother Mazzarello together and listen to the simple and essential words she has to tell us about our history today”.

The experience was much appreciated by the Novices who, enthusiastic, had the daring to ask for another unified meeting of all the FMA Novices in the world.

Now everything is ready to celebrate with the Novices of the whole world the joy of belonging to a religious family that belongs entirely to Mary, which has not only a long history to recount, but a future to build, to dream big together in order to be today ‘Helpers among the young’ in the heart of contemporaneity.

Brochure in 7 languages

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  1. Vive Jésus! Merci à Mère Chiara et au Dicastère de la formation pour cette belle initiative de tous les noviciat du monde entier. Vous voir connectez, est un signe d’espérance. Le Seigneur bénisse cette rencontre et aide nos novices à s’ouvrir pleinement à la grâce de l’Esprit Saint. En cette journée anniversaire de Mère Marie Dominique, qu’elle intercède pour tous nos jeunes en formation. Que Marie Auxiliatrice continue de cheminer avec nous.

  2. Viva Gesu e Maria! I, Novice Unis from FIL-PNG Province would like to extend my gratitude to Mother Chiara Cazzuola and to our Sisters in the Formation Sector of the Institute who helped in organizing this historical encounter for us novices from various Provinces. This is truly an enriching experience for me to deepen our Salesian charism but at the same time it challenges me to take courage in dreaming big for our young people. May Our Lady be with you always. Grazie and God bless!

  3. Viva Gesu e Maria! My heart over-flow with joy and gratitude to you dear Mother Chiara Cazzuola and to all the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and especially to the Sisters in the formation team for making this encounter possible for us to share our experiences with each other. Through this encounter it makes me feel so close to each other. I felt blessed and loved by our Institute. It helps me to get in touch with our Salesian Charism and with our Mornese Spirit. Thank you very much for your accompaniment and your Sisterly love and concern for me and to all the novices. May God bless you and all your intentions. With gratitude and prayers Novice Chantha Theresa Neak , a Cambodian from FIL-PNG Province

  4. I am grateful for this encounter you have prepared for us novices.
    Thank you to the formation team for helping us to be close with the Institute especially with Mo.Mazzarello.
    we are so blessed to belong to this family.

  5. 耶稣万岁,玛利亚万岁!

  6. 耶稣万岁! 玛丽亚万岁!
    “我来,却是为叫他们获得生命,且获得更丰富得生命”,Jn 10:10b 很感恩这个大家庭给我们这样特殊的爱和陪伴,在爱和希望中滋养生命,分享生命,为能效仿好牧人,引领更多的青年找到草场,并且自由的出入。

  7. To the Formation Sector Team of the Institute, our heartfelt gratitude for this significant encounter prepared with much love for the benefit of our young candidates – the future of our Institute. Thanks from the heart and God bless you! May Mother Mazzarello inspire all of us to live her spiritual heritage with renewed passion and zeal, always with a big and generous heart.

  8. Estamos contentes na espera deste encontro… nos preparamos com muita alegria, entusiasmo e responsabilidade. Obrigada por esta oportunidade de nos fortalecer na vocação de futuras FMA.

  9. ¡Viva Jesús!
    Agradecemos a la Madre Chiara, al ámbito de formación por la bella iniciativa que estamos esperando con la alegría de encontrarnos como Instituto y de soñar en grande en nuestro futuro de FMA.
    ¡Feliz cumpleaños de Madre Mazzarello y feliz encuentro!

  10. A l’occasion de la rencontre mondiale, nous remercions l’Institut de cette opportunite formative qu’elle nous offre. Nous nous sentons interpellons aujourd’hui et demain a construire l’avenir de notre Institut en collaboration avec toutes les soeurs, les collaborateurs et les jeunes, a etre des femmes enracinees en Dieu, generatrices de vie et agissantes. Nous nous sentons interpeller a rallumer le feu de notre charisme, notre mission en etant attentives aux signes de temps comme Don Bosco et Marie Dominique avec l’aide de Marie, guide, educatrice et Maitresse.


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