Rome (Italy). On 8 March 2024, International Women’s Day and 37th Faculty Day, the Pontifical Faculty of Education Science «Auxilium» of Rome, proposes the International Study Conference on the theme: “Mother-daughter-son relationships in some Religions of the Holy Book. Journeys and perspectives”.

The event is in continuity with the path of reflection and study on human relationality launched in 2022, with the Conference: “The relationships between women and men in some religions of the Holy Book. Paths and perspectives in the polyhedron of anthropologies”, held on 8 March 2022.

On that occasion, the reflection was placed in the context of the polyhedron of anthropologies in which to identify paths and perspectives in view of an integral universal humanism. This year’s Conference is instead proposed as a “segment” of human relationality, but radical and constitutive, which today emerges as a deep unavoidable question, in need of new hermeneutics. The radicality and depth of these relationships, in fact, results in a variety and complexity of relationships in which the human person “says” one’s transcendence and “mystery”, as well as one’s vulnerabilities and ambiguities.

Professor Marcella Farina explains, “Aware of the vastness, depth, and mysteriousness of the mother- daughter-son relationships, also in the riverbed of the Religions of the Sacred Book, in this Conference of studies we try to bring out from them some fundamental inspiring principles, appeals, reminders in view of paths and perspectives that favor the re-understanding of human generativity and structural mother-daughter-son relationships.”

The interventions are entrusted to three scholars: Elena Lea Bartolini De Angeli, scholar of Judaism; Adriana Valerio, scholar of Christianity; Francesca Maria Corrao, scholar of the Arab world. The scholar and essayist Giulia Paola di Nicola will be the moderator.

2024 prepares the Jubilee of 2025, which has as its theme, Pilgrims of Hope. The hope is that the Conference can be a timely and effective contribution.

The afternoon of study takes place in the Aula Magna ‘John Paul II’ of the Faculty «Auxilium» and will be broadcast in live streaming on the Faculty’s YouTube Channel.



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