Subiaco (Italy). On 23-25 June 2023, at San Biagio House of Prayer in Subiaco (Rome) of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of the Roman Province St. John Bosco (IRO), the Paths of Light journey ended.

During these meetings, aimed at all young people who are not afraid to ask themselves questions, to set out in search of answers, and to make significant choices, the light of the Word of God dialogues with that of the projector. Immersed in nature, with good films, and continuous meditation on the Scriptures through Lectio, they shed light on their lives and commit themselves to daily and radical evangelical life choices. Benedetta, one of the 18 young participants in this encounter, who assiduously attended the journey, recounts her experience:

“…No matter how narrow the passage, how full of punishments life is, I am the master of my destiny; I am the captain of my soul. This is an excerpt from the poem entitled Invictus by William Ernest Henley, which inspired Nelson Mandela during his years of imprisonment. With the viewing of this beautiful film, the last weekend of the Paths of Light for this pastoral year began.

There couldn’t have been a more suitable film, a film that talks about inspiration and a dream for which one is willing to do even the greatest follies, such as creating the conditions for South Africa to win the rugby world cup; a way, sport, to restart ‘from the bottom’ to unite people and, through people, the entire Nation.

I would like to start from this word: inspiration. After two years of assiduously attending the Paths of Light at San Biagio, I conclude this journey with a renewed inspiration in my heart, that of putting what I am at the service of others, my skills, passion, and energy to continue to ‘sow’ life and hope in the world, especially in the heart of the new generations.

It is from dreams that we need to start again, because the most beautiful dreams that inhabit our heart come from God and each of us is His unique and unrepeatable ‘inspiration’.  God is waiting for nothing other than this to materialize to bear fruit in the world.

The other word I take home is borrowed from the title of the film: ‘Invictus’, which means ‘Invincible’. This happens in San Biagio; you find yourself invincible. Can you be invincible? Yes, you can, if you are ‘captains of your own soul’, if you decide to take your life back into your own hands and make it something great, a masterpiece. We are the hands and arms of God, His incarnation in the world.

Paths of Light and life with the community of Sisters and with the young people at San Biagio made me rediscover this. I am the captain of my soul and I am at the helm of the boat of my life, but I am not alone. Many brothers and sisters are with me. The story of Mandela told through the film reminded me of the words of Saint Paul, whose feast we have just recalled, ‘It is when I am weak that I am strong’ (2 Cor 12:10).

To experience that on your life’s journey you are not alone and that it doesn’t matter where you come from, how many times you fall, but it matters what moves your heart and the direction you choose to give to your steps. The grace of God and the love of others make you strong. And bless your weaknesses too. Then yes, you are invincible!!! Thanks San Biagio, thanks to my travel companions, and to the community of Sisters. Together we go forward. Invincible.”

The pastoral year has ended, and with it some itineraries and activities. The summer in San Biagio House of Prayer continues, however, with courses on zither and iconography and with rounds of Spiritual Exercises, to regenerate soul and body immersed in places of very ancient spirituality, in contact with nature, in the characteristic family atmosphere offered by the FMA community.


  1. Que belleza El testimonio atrae a otros jovenes. Y San Biagio al servicio de la Palabra de Dios q va moviendo a muchos corazones a caminar con Jesus… Gracias a la Cdad y por compartir un abrazo Salesiano. Sor Aida


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