Suor Kathleen Taylor

  Sr. Phyllis Neves
  Visiting Councillor

Sr. Phyllis was born in Downey-California (United States) on May 24, 1953. Fascinated by the Salesian style of life, she entered the FMA Institute and made her first profession in Newton on August 5, 1974.  She completed her University studies and devoted herself to teaching for a few years. Later she was entrusted with the vice-presidency of the school.

Since 1986, for a few years she lived in Rome (Italy) to complete her theological and Salesian formation, and graduated from the Auxilium. Upon her return to the US, she committed herself to vocation ministry and dedicated herself as assistant to the formation of the aspirants.

She was then community vicar, and later was appointed animator of the same community of Corralitos. In 1999 she was appointed Provincial of the SUO Province based in San Antonio Texas. She concluded a six-year commitment to fruitful and productive activity and, at the end of her term in 2005 she was called to be Provincial of the other United States Province, SUA, based in Haledon, New Jersey.

During recent years, she lived in the community in North Haledon as community animator. Sr.Phyllis expresses a spirituality marked by concreteness, cordial acceptance of every person, attention to the poor and to those who are disadvantaged.  During the time of her two mandates as Provincial, she had particular care of the vocational dimension of ministry. She has a strong love for the Virgin Mary and a great sense of belonging to the Institute.

During the discernment for the elections of GC XXIII, the assembly elected her Visiting Councilor. Since she was not a member of the Chapter, Mother reached her with a phone call. "Sister Phyllis, can you hear me?" she asked.  "I am in Rome, in the Chapter Hall to tell you that the assembly voted in the majority for you to be Visiting Councilor. Do you accept? ".

Surprised, Sr. Phyllis remained silent for a moment, and then said that she felt small before this call, but she relied on the Holy Spirit, who knows and sees all things. "So, Sr. Phyllis, what do you say?" Mother pressed on. "With full faith and trust in God who can do all things, I say yes” was the response of the newly elected.  A long round of applause from the assembly concluded the telephone contact and Sr. Phyllis was elected Visiting Councilor.

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