Feast of Gratitude

By living the response to God’s call with joy and hope,
we re-awaken the plan of God in every young person

Asunción in the Province of St. Raphael Archangel (PAR), 26 April 2018

Sr. Chiara Cazzuola: Letter for the Feast of Gratitude 2018

Dossier Feast of Gratitude 2017: With an Oratorian heart in the educating community, with daring we bring the Joy of the Gospel to the young2017
Dossier Feast of Gratitude 2016: As a wreath, united in diversity, let us intertwine with joy and hope the offer of life and mission2016
Dossier Feast of Gratitude 2015: Grow and flourish with the young where God wants us.2015
Feast of Gratitude 2014: The thank you which represents the entire province. 2014
Dossier Feast of Gratitude 2014: The wind of your Spirit makes us fruitful2014
Feast of Gratitude 2013: In preparation for the Feast of Gratitude it is suggested to discuss and share on the following... 2013
Dossier Feast of Gratitude 2013: Together in Faith Towards Fullness of Life2013
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Dossier Feast of Gratitude 2012: A charism of hope for the world!2012
Feast of Gratitude 2011: A letter from Mother Mazzarello2011
Dossier Feast of Gratitude 2011: “Have courage, the light still shines!”2011
Feast of Gratitude 2010: “Reconciled and unified by Love we proclaim Jesus to the young”2010
Cronaca della Festa del Grazie 20092009
Feast of Gratitude 2009: “...I have become all things to all people...”2009

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