Formation days for Animators and Local Councils

Rome (Italy). On February 25, 2019, Mother Yvonne Reungoat met in Rome with the Animators and Local Councils of the Roman Province St. John Bosco (IRO). The formation day was lived in the family spirit and with Salesian joy.

In her presentation on synodality and responsible service, Mother said: “The nature of the Church is to be synodal. To walk together, to know how to choose together where and how we are going: this is the path of communion. In our heart as consecrated women, we strongly feel communion, we feel Church. The Church can be a house and school of communion, Pope John Paul II said, thanks to our consecrated life that daily lives communion. We cannot think of the growth of our charism without listening to the young and involving them. The young ask us to welcome them, to live with us, to share prayer, to be accompanied.

The Institute has our face, the face of each one of us. Let us empower intergenerational dialogue and not be afraid to show affection for each other”.

Rich in points for reflection, the meeting was an important stage of the formation journey of the Province centered on synodality and the mission. There were many questions to which Mother responded, encouraging us in fidelity and in hope, to appreciate the steps already taken without ignoring the slowness.

In the afternoon, Mother told of her experience of participating at the meeting The Protection of Minors in the Church, held in the Vatican on February 21-24, inviting reflection on the interventions of the Holy Father and committing ourselves to work more and more in the defense of Life in every circumstance.

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