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Here is the Whole Gospel

Here is the Whole Gospel

For Benedict XVI and Pope Francis: “being present”' illumines the life of the Church and the world today . They have a different approach, yet many similar traits, more than those that meet the eye. Witnesses to the humility that drove Benedict XVI to give up the Papacy and Pope Francis to want him close by as a sure support in prayer.

They share a passion for evangelizing and a commitment for the unity of the Church. This comes through very clearly in the encyclical “Lumen Fidei”, written by “four hands”, as Pope Francis has said, and from which he has drawn his inspiration for the apostolic exhortation, “Evangelii Gaudium."

They are witnesses to a predilection for the weak and the poor, they share traits of goodness of heart, respect, and mercy…

For Benedict "those who recognize themselves as being weak and sinful and entrust themselves to God receive grace and forgiveness … in the heart of the sacramental celebration there is not sin, but God’s mercy, infinitely greater than our sins”. For Pope Francis, it is the leitmotif to remember that “God’s joy lies in forgiving. It is the joy of a shepherd who finds his sheep… of a father who welcomes his wayward son home . Here is all the Gospel; here is the whole of Christianity ... it is not merely sentiment, not merely ‘doing good!’. "

It is a profoundly evangelical theme that is proposed in this issue of DMA. Mercy is seen from the point of view of a God who continues to love, to trust us ,notwithstanding our sin, in order to bring us back to our early vocation of being his collaborators in the building of a more human world. Speaking of mercy does not mean speaking only with the sentiments of our hearts, with our emotions. We deal with actions. It calls for a relational style that approaches others, shows respect and the absence of equivocation.

The witness of some women formed by habitual respect and mercy, is incisive in this regard.

Dorothy Day, was a liberal activist who became a convert, and for whom there was not only hospitality of the open door, but also that of her gaze and heart. For her "true love is gentle and kind, full of understanding, full of beauty and grace, full of unspeakable joy. "
So it was also for Angela Vallese, who knew how to animate communities where the fruit of the Spirit -love, joy, peace benevolence, and goodness-took root and blossomed.

“When we understand that God loves even the most abandoned human beings, our hearts open to others, we become more attentive to the dignity of every person and we ask ourselves how we can participate in the preparation for their future” this is the conviction that sustained the life of Frere Roger. And it is certainly also ours.


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