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Memory Over Time

Memory Over Time

Transmitting the extraordinary legacy that Jesus communicated in the entrusting of himself as a living Presence: this is the raison d'être of the Church, his journey in history. A mystery of faith, a certainty that is a source of consolation and hope. The Year of Faith provides an opportunity to revive the memory of the Presence of Jesus, source from which we draw in order to give credibility to proclaiming the Good News to young people.

The extraordinary heritage was transmitted and entrusted to us by Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello to be guarded, preserved, and handed down faithfully and creatively. The strength of the charism causes us to put into the hearts of the young thw 'leaven of the Gospel'. Small seeds to be scattered in the furrows of history, in the lives of young people. We do not know the times of germination and flowering. But certainly the fruits will come, according to rhythms that do not belong to us. This is highlighted in the current issue of the Magazine.

It is impressive to read the story of Justinian, a Christian philosopher and martyr in Rome around the year 167 AD, which documents how the early Christians lived the memory of Jesus' presence. “ When the prayers were finished, bread and a cup of water and wine mixed together were brought to the one in charge of the brethren, and he took them and offered praise and glory to the Father of the
universe in the name of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and he then made an act of thanksgiving. When he finished the prayers of thanksgiving, all those present acclaimed: "Amen." After that, those called deacons distributed to those present the bread and the consecrated wine and water, and these were taken to those who were absent. We call this food the Eucharist, and no one can take part in it unless he believes that our teachings are true ... In fact, we do not take them as ordinary bread and drink, but ... as the flesh and blood of Jesus incarnate. The apostles, in their memoirs called Gospels, handed down this command left to them from Jesus. "

Justinian continues: “In the day called ‘of the Sun’ we all-inhabitants of the city or the countryside-gather and read the memoirs of the Apostles or the writings of the Prophets. When the reader has finished, the one in charge admonishes and exhorts us with a discourse to imitate this good example. Then together we rise and offer prayers , and as we have said, once the prayer is concluded, bread, wine and water are brought…with prayers of thanksgiving.”

It is beautiful to think that today we, the heirs of this great wealth, with the young people to whom Benedict XVI addressed the invitation: “Go and make disciples of all people!”


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