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Thank you, Mother Marinella!

Thank you, Mother Marinella!

Thanks for the DMA Magazine;for years you looked after it with passion and clear guidance. With you, the “Youth Ministry Review” became the Magazine for the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians.

It was a part of yourself that is now extended throughout the history of the Institute. It was a gift that continues in time, an echo of your “life lived in the fullness of a gift to the Lord and to the Institute that you served with love, intelligence and a fine intuition, daring, freshness and evangelical essence,” as Mother Yvonne pointed out.

Today you once again tell us what you wrote in your circulars, where we can read the secret of your being a woman of vast horizons, a mother capable of tenderness and strength.

“To discover the Risen one, even in the signs of death that surround us, means generating in ourselves a source of hope; it means enjoying the life of God” , (Circ. 701).

“Each day as an Institute we renew our entrustment to Mary with living faith and great hope. Only with the help of our Mother can we be what the Lord wants us to be” (Circ 703).

“The beautiful reality of the educating community will be valid only if we feel that we are “Church” and if we know how to sensitize the whole ecclesial communion that has its center of unity in the universal Church connected to the Pope” (C 687).

“Let us help young people to discover the beauty of a life dedicated to others and let us cooperate in improving society, to which they bring a breath of hope” (C 779).

“Salesian joy is the fruit of a love that is committed in the total, serene gift of self. Those who live among us and are most serene are not those who flee from suffering, but those who have understood its saving value” (C 741).

“Our personal and community commitment leads us to insert ourselves ever more in the culture that surrounds us, in looking at the positive aspects that characterize it in orderto know how to grasp its values and to permeate it with Gospel truth. (C 775).

Mother Marinella was born in Bagnolo, Cuneo
on May 21, 1921.
She died at Nizza Monferrato, Asti,
on February 5, 2013.
She was Superior General
of the FMA Institute From1984-1996.

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