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I do all for the Gospel

I do all for the Gospel It is the aim of the last issue of DMA 2009 to reflect on the commitment to evangelization. It is a gift and an urgent task that cannot be put off. This was expressed often in the Chapter Assembly which directed all toward a serious and systematic study, considering also the proximity with the same theme of the Chapter itself. A beautiful conclusion that was reached was the proposal of the first journey of conversion to love entrusted to each FMA: “To be a living monument of Jesus’ way of being and acting.” Evangelization places roots in the heart before becoming a sign of life.

Evangelization is communication – states the dossier – and it is certainly word, but it is primarily a way of being, a style of life. It is narrating with one’s existence that “Christian life is ‘good.’” Enzo Bianchi asks: “What greater sign is there of a life inhabited by charity than doing good, from gratuitous love that reaches even to embracing one’s enemy, a life of service especially among the poor, the least, the victims of history?”

Above all else, it means evangelizing the heart. This implies a process of self-formation, aware of our being bearers of a knowledge and of how to act. The formative journey-emphasizes the article Vita consecrata and... accompanies the person toward a full configuration to Christ according to the charism of her own Institute for a meaningful presence in the context in which she lives. It is the goal of formation.

We live in an historical time in which we cannot keep silent. From the Pentecost event, as we read in Arianna’s Line, the Church has matured in the awareness of having an active role in society and in the world. It has a precise task, that of speaking of the God of Jesus Christ. With the Parousia it is ready to go against the current, with the courage of a clear, free word, so as to influence today’s men and women.

For us as educators there is still a question: How are we to educate the young people to the faith?
There is an attempt to answer this complex question in the article Pastoral-ly. Times are difficult and often we do not have clear strategies with which to act. However, “difficult times could show themselves to be the most evangelical times”, said Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Education to the faith in our times is not so much a question of the means at hand, as a question of sources to be re-discovered. There is an urgent need to return to the sources, to that from which the prophets drew at every time what was indicated as essential during the times when even the foundation of certainties were shaken .
The sources are found in the heart of persons, and for us are nourished in sharing, in the company of many young people thirsting for God. The evangelizing sources of the heart urge us to the burning passion of living and acting only for the Gospel.


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