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The gift of a future

The gift of a future In general, young people tend to look more at the future than the past, even though for fear of the future they choose at times to ignore to live concentrated on the present. But they are aware, however, of the push forward. Hearing “We always did it this way” arouses rejection because it reveals a static attitude and is interpreted as an attempt to halt what is new and every expression of creativity.
Yet, we cannot do without the past because “remembering is the source of today’s identity: memory and identity joined together are a guarantee of the future.” If this is true, it is fundamental for us to look to the past in the prospect of the future. Not with the nostalgia of how things always have been done or with the security that comes from this , but as a “provocation to fidelity today”, as an invitation to spell things out according to the present need”, an educational passion that leads so many Sisters to be a response to the cry of young people.
In September of 2008 the Chapter that had just begun heard a report from Sr. Grazia Loparco on the topic: “Outline of foreseeing love in the history of the FMA”. A few springboards for discussion on the idea of the gift of a future were very interesting: “History shows us that things must not necessarily be that which they are and that they may lead to an unexpected future…” We discover that we are members of the community of saints and the community of our predecessors.
We compare our perceptions with their witness and they invite us to a broader vision from that which we could have in the narrow confines of our time.”
The impact of the report was so convincing that there arose in the Chapter Assembly the decision to form an international group to favor the research, documentation and study of the history of the Institute, Later concretized in the Six-Year Plan in which, among other things, there was the invitation to “promote in provincial communities the return to the charismatic roots with an adequate knowledge of the Patrons of the Institute that reawakens the passion for Christ and for the young people and revives the awareness of Mary in our mission” (Programmazione del Consiglio generale 2.1).
The response to the question recently asked by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini: “How should adults behave with the young people so that they may transmit Christianity and make it blossom again?” was:” Entrust to your children a world that has not been ruined. See to it that they are rooted in tradition, especially the Bible. Read it together with them. Have great trust in young people; it is they who will solve the problems. Do not forget to set limits for them. Learn to bear with difficulties and insults if by this means justice will be worth anything else” (Night Conversation at Jerusalem 2009).


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