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Impassioned Women

Impassioned Women In the conclusion of the Guidelines of the Educational Mission we read that the house of meaning is daily life.”  In daily life, in fact, more than in the extraordinary, we play out our commitment for life, to build the future, to realize ourselves as persons. It is the place in which signs are translated into real expressions that make a value visible.  It is precisely in the everyday that we find the sense of being, of doing and  of the choices for each moment.

Our life is normally built on simple things, on love received and given, on relationships, struggle, and at times, doubt or hope.  Whoever has a clear heart and eyes discovers in the gift of each day reasons to renew self, to discover the unexpected in its events of pleasant surprises or bitter disappointment.

General Chapter XXII involved each FMA in an active way and created expectations of newness.  Navigating the Institute website, among the pages of the Forum, we read expressions that speak of the desire for fresh air for our communities.  The Chapter members asked themselves: What novelty can we offer to the Sisters, the young people and the laity who share our mission?  This remains a challenge for each person, a provocation to open future pathways to be translated into everyday life.
This present issue of DMA allows us to glimpse the responses to this challenge and introduces us to a reflection on the responsibility of each person to be assumed and carried out in everyday life-the house of meaning- the intuitions matured during the Chapter and consigned to each FMA.  Becoming impassioned women could be one among the many responses.  Women who know how to read the Beyond in herself and in the reality of each day.  Without being resigned to repetition even when people, gestures, schedules, and events are always the same.  An impassioned heart is literally pervaded with love, knows how to hope, how to discover in the usual events the seed of the hidden new that could come to light.

“What struck you most during the Chapter?” This was asked of a few participants.  “The 193 Chapter members were impassioned women” responded one person, “who participated in everything:  reflections, prayer, discussion, recreation, outings.  This demonstrated a great love for the Institute even when expressions were different and discordant!” 
Perhaps we need to introduce into our communities quivers of passion –passion for Christ and for the young-even with our differences; to render each day an opportunity for unexpected and good things, building bridges of hope and of newness.  No one can decide this for us; the impulse of starting can come only from the free choice of each person.
This is what the women of Jerusalem did in following Jesus to the completion of His passion.  First among all, there was Mary, who remained standing at the foot of the cross.


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