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DMA 2009

DMA 2009 Personal and community journeys this year are oriented toward the event of the Chapter, defined as A Cenacle Experience.   The event entrusted to each and every FMA guidelines and perspectives for the future. DMA is on this same wavelength.  It will continue to accompany the FMA, laity and young people who want to be involved in the process of assimilation and vital tradition of the content that emerged from GC XXII which took place in Rome.  The Chapter members themselves offered interesting proposals to render the Magazine ever more faithful to its nature as a channel of formation.  The Editorial staff will certainly take this into account.
A few aspects of the Chapter theme will be studied especially through the Dossier.  While some articles will be interrupted-  The Lamp, The Gospel of Life and Photo-click-; others will continue and there will be new ones.  Echoes from the Bishops’ Synod, celebrated last October on “The Word of God in the life and mission of the Church”, will find expression in the section on Women in the Word, with the presentation of figures of biblical women.
Attention to our identity as consecrated women will have a place in the article Consecrated life and…in meeting actual world situations.  Themes to be dealt with will be:  evangelization today, the meeting with culture, service of authority/power, formation, social justice.
The reality of Ecumenism will be considered from the point of view of the Pauline year and will pause on the narration of ecumenical events and on the presentation of the Churches of the East.
A study of the document “Guidelines of the educational mission of the FMA” will be possible in the “Pastoral-ly´” section in view of a critical reading of the phenomena of the world of youth with attention starting from what has already been said, from what is already known.  We want to read with understanding the reality of the world of youth so as to see its challenges and opportunities.
During the Chapter, the text “Cooperation for development” was frequently recalled.  To offer further help in this awareness, we have conserved the article Cooperation and development” with the presentation also of a few projects dealing with micro-credit and micro-economy.
In the Polis section we will take our springboard from facts and events that happen to make an analysis of the phenomena, leaving a place for the explanation of some terms.
In youngpeople.com this year we will again face themes inherent to the world of youth and to the new technologies.
Arianna’s Line, Websites will also continue as will Camilla and Video and Books.
Finally, the Insert of each issue will present a story taken from the book “The Perfect World”, where there are episodes of children who look at the world from their own perspective.
Therefore, have a good year, in company with the DMA Magazine!


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