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Messengers on a Journey

Messengers on a Journey

Setting out on our journey as proclaimers is, first of all, a grace, a call, a call that shakes us up, and makes our heart restless, founded on the trust of the Author of this call. It is the announcement of a home, of welcoming the Word that dwells in us, as we travel the journey together with all those who God gives us throughout life.

By proclaiming Gratuity in a gratuitous way, we recognize the beauty of consecration, in the humble obedience of continuous listening to the voice of God, which puts us in motion to break the chains of selfishness, encouraging us to give our lives for others, experiencing unspeakable joy, not merely thinking about ourselves. And how, like Maria Mazzarello, redefining the "quarter of an hour" in connection with Him, present in the people and the reality of our world.It is proclaiming peace in harmony, as a daily exercise of inner integration, acceptance of our humanity as a meeting place, where God works and acts with mercy. It is living gently, touching the ground of our existence and that of others, as one who touches a mystery, and we can only kneel before the mystery.

Recognizing the God of Peace encourages us to face injustice, violence, and the pain of humanity, bringing the Word as witnesses to forgiveness, gestures of inclusion, and those of goodness.

Only the God of Peace can use the words of the Magnificat to break out in the existence of all humanity to synthesize the experience of His love, throughout life, throughout history. To proclaim Solidarity in closeness, as we have always seen Jesus do on His journey with his disciples. In our present time when it is up to us to live and build, we want to walk with our Teacher in the footsteps of solidarity. The pace of proximity helps us to learn, through the gifts and riches of others, to understand their deepest sorrows, and share their expectations, nourished by the hope of the Gospel.

The proximity of the daily encounters with the Sisters in our community, with a welcoming word or glance, one that allows us to be formed and to accompany those who God places at our side on life’s journey. It is the proximity to young people and, with them, encouraged onward by the Word, which allows us to continue joyfully, towards the fullness of life for all. It is closeness to the reality of any kind of suffering, present in this world, with the firm decision to compare our lives with the proposals of the Gospel and, gradually, it helps us to see Jesus in the faces of the poor, the excluded, the abandoned, the children, and the elderly. It means touching our vulnerability redeemed by the mercy of God.

Proclaiming, on the journey, asking always for the grace to become a dwelling place of God for others, and accepting the other person as the authentic face of God


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