Significant milestones - 2000

2000 18th December: Sr. Maria Romero was declared 'Venerable'.
2001 11th March: Sr. Amparo Carbonell Muñoz and Sr. Carmen Moreno Benítez were proclaimed 'Blessed' with 32 Spanish Salesian martyrs.
2002 14th April: in Rome Sr. Maria Romero Meneses was proclaimed 'Blessed'.
From 18th September to 16th Novmber the 21st General Chapter was held.
2004 25th April: in Rome Sr. Eusebia Palomino was proclaimed 'Blessed'
2006 (October 23) Margherita Occhiena declared Venerable
2008 (September 18 - November 15) XXII General Chapter. On October 24  Sr. Yvonne Reungoat is elected Superior General  
2010 Centenary of the death of Blessed Michele Rua, First Successor of Don  Bosco
2011 (September 7) Centenary of Pontifical Approval of the Institute
2012 (August 5) 140th Anniversary of the foundation of the FMA Institute
2014 (September 22 - Novembre 15) 23rd General Chapter. Sister Yvonne Reungoat was re-elected as Superior General.
2016 (16 July) Nulla Osta of the Holy See for the official commencement of the cause of beatification of the Servant of God Sister Antonieta Böhm (1907-2008)