Significant places

Tutti i luoghi di Domenica Maria Mazzarello

Il volantino con le note tecnico-logistiche delle case di Mornese e Nizza (formato pdf)

As colinas de Mornese Mornese Sunset at Mornese
Mazzarelli Birthplace Shrine
Valponasca house The window of Valponasca house Vineyards
Parish church House of Via Valgelata  Borgo Alto
Tailor's house Teresa Pampuro's house Maccagno house
Bodrato house Mary Immaculate's house Courtyard of Mornese college
The chapel of Mornese college Maria Domenica's room The well of the college
Roverno river Panoramic view of Nizza Maria Domenica's room in Nizza

From one generation to the next
Mary Domenica Mazzarello continues to be present, to accompany her daughters spread throughout the world, recalling fidelity to the 'spirit of Mornese', and the commitment to build communities where the young feel welcomed and where everyday life lived in love and joyfulness, continues Mary's 'Magnificat'.
On 24th June 1951 Mother Mary Domenica Mazzarello, co-foundress of the Institute was proclaimed a saint.Her remains are preserved in the basilica of Mary Help of Christians as a sign of the 'living monument' which throughout the five continents continues to bear witness to the love of God among the young.