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Year LXXXI - Newsletter N. 26 - 1/7/2011

1.7.2011 - Shillong  (India). Encounter of the local coordinators of communication
29.6.2011 - Rome (Italy). Mother Laura Meozzi declared Venerable
29.6.2011 - Bangkok  (Thailand). Communications formation using video Conferencing
Appointments of July
30.6.2011 - Third Seminar on Accompaniment
27.6.2011 - Porta Palazzo: diplomate in accoglienza
25.6.2011 - La Madre at the Gratitude Day of the Rector Major
29/6/2011 - Presentation of the 26th World Youth Day
27/6/2011 - International Youth Choir will support the singing of the faithful at WYD
25/6/2011 - The WYD Cross and Icon

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1.7.2011 - Shillong  (India). Encounter of the local coordinators of communication ^ Top ^
Encounter of the local coordinators of communication The local coordinators of communication of the Shillong Province , Immaculate Heart of Mary (INS), gathered in the Provincial House for a day of formation On June 25.

The day began with a moment of prayer, invoking the Holy Spirit and Mary 's help, our teacher and guide. The group was assisted by Sr. Bernadette Sangma who led a reflection on the text from the GONG series, ‘Edu-communication of the new culture in small steps'. The presentation of the text was done in two sessions. The participants saw fulfilled their expectations of deepening the theme. One of them said, “Now I have a better understanding of the term.” The last part of the day was spent in studying the ‘Syllabus' on Media, prepared by the students of the schools of the Provincial Conference of India.

29.6.2011 - Rome (Italy). Mother Laura Meozzi declared Venerable ^ Top ^
Mother Laura Meozzi declared Venerable The 27 June 2011, Benedict XVI receiving in a private audience the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, the Salesian Cardinal Angelo Amato, authorised the promulgation of the Decrees regarding the miracles, martyrdom and the heroic virtues of some Venerables, Servants of God and Blesseds. Among the decrees signed by the Holy w Father was that on the heroic virtues of the Servant of God Laura Meozzi, Daughter of Mary Help of Christians.

Born in Florence (Italy) on 5 January 1873, with her family, noble and well-off she soon moved to Rome, where she completed her medical studies. When her spiritual director, a Salesian, told her that God was calling her into the Sisters of Don Bosco, she spent the whole night in prayer. Having become a Daughter of Mary Help of Christians in 1898, she worked above all in Sicily until 1921, when she was chosen to lead the first group of Salesian Sisters sent to Poland. She is thus the pioneer of the presence of the FMA in Poland where she arrived in 1922.

Although extremely poor she opened the house to every need: she began with a home for orphaned and abandoned children; then for girls, schools, work-shops, postulants, novices, sisters; then for refugees, the persecuted, the sick the homeless... Mother Laura succeeded in giving comfort to everyone. During the period of the Second World War, although well-aware of the risks involved she decided to stay in Poland beside her young co-sisters. At their side she experienced the Russian and German occupations, the closure of the houses opened at great sacrifice, the deportation of some FMA to concentration camps.

Mother Laura had a special gift for strong and sweet motherliness. She knew how to provide accompaniment with wisdom and gradually, because she had the gift of the discernment of spirits, of listening and of giving consolation. When the war was over it was necessary to leave the territories which had become part of the Soviet Republics and start afresh from the beginning. Mother Laura began again: she opened 12 houses. At Pogrzebien, in an old castle which had been used by the Germans for the elimination of women and children the novitiate was reborn; everywhere vitality, joy, a smile. But by now Mother Laura was feeling more and more worn out. Assisted by the Sisters and supported by the prayers of all she died on 30 August 1951. Her remains are at Pogrzebien.

The process on her life and virtues skillfully pursued by the Vice Postulator Sr. Giuliana Accornero, took place in Poland, in the Diocese of Katowice in the years 1986-1994.

29.6.2011 - Bangkok  (Thailand). Communications formation using video Conferencing ^ Top ^
Communications formation using video Conferencing On June 24, the Social Communications Sector of the Thailand Province organized the first formative meeting using video conferencing for the 11 communities of the Province. The theme was, ‘New Communications in the Digital Age.'

The participants were able to study the evolution of new means of communication that influence their life and educative mission among the young. The aim was to be able to bring the new technologies of the digital age into their pastoral and educative work thus following the invitation that Pope Benedict XVI is launching during the various days of Social Communications.

The meeting was animated by Sikaret Srirakan , an expert in various branches of Social Communications at the national level. He showed and explained some new communications technologies like ‘livestream' and iPod, demonstrating that the creative use of their multiple applications can be integrated with pastoral and evangelization activities in interesting ways. The case study of Weerapong Thaweesak was also presented. He is an expert in the field of Media and Musical Education and knows how to use every opportunity to put them at the service of education.

On this occasion, Sr. Josephine Teruggi, General Councillor for the Social Communications Sector, sent a congratulatory message to the Sisters of the Thailand Province for this initiative. She saw this as a good opportunity to deepen and live the contents of the Salesian Charism today and become great communicators and educators like Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello . “If they were here today, they would be happy to see that the Thailand Province is involved in this specific area of the mission.” She also added, “We know that today the new media are of great help for communicating the values we believe in and therefore we must become competent in them to offer a quality mission with an educative vision. We must continue to help the young people learn the correct, intelligent, and critical use of these channels.

In her greeting, the Provincial Sr. Agnes Nipha Rangabpit, repeated the importance of promoting formation to communications technology and invited the Sisters who use these technologies to develop creativity in announcing the Good News efficaciously.

Appointments of July ^ Top ^
  • 1.7.2011 - Sr. Emilia Musatti, Sr. Carla Castellino, Sr. Maria del Carmen Canales
    Castelgandolfo (Italy). Preside and accompany the meeting of the commission on “Reflection Europe,” until July 2.

  • 5.7.2011 - Sr. Maria del Carmen Canales
    Rome (Italy). Participate and make a contribution, on behalf of the FMA, in the inter-congregational meeting at the headquarters of the Union of Superiors General, on reflections on the “Lineamenta” in preparation for the Synod on "The New Evangelization for the transmission of the Christian faith."

  • 5.7.2011 - Mother General and the General Council
    Castelgandolfo (Italy). Semi-annual meeting of the General Council with the Academic Council of the Pontificia Facoltà di Scienze dell’Educazione “Auxilium”.

  • 7.7.2011 - Mother General and the General Council
    Castelgandolfo (Italy). Meeting of the two general councils of the Salesians and the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians in the house "Santa Rosa", summer house of the plenum.

  • 10.7.2011 - Mother General and the General Council
    Castelgandolfo (Italy). In the afternoon, meeting of Mother General and her Council with the Sisters who are celebrating the 25th, 50th, 60th, 70th year of religious profession. The provincial superior, Sister Mara Tagliaferri, celebrates her 25th.

  • 14.7.2011 - Mother General and the General Council
    Castelgandolfo (Italy). Beginning of the formation meeting of 19 new provincial superiors that will end on the 26th.

  • 19.7.2011 - Sr. Giuseppina Teruggi
    Rome (Italy). Animate a formation encounter for the young Sisters of the congregation “Missionaries of Jesus the Eternal Priest” who are preparing for their perpetual vows.

  • 23.7.2011 - Sr. Maria Americo
    Castigliano Torinese (Italy). Accompany the spiritual exercises of the Sisters who are making their second novitiate, until the 30th.

  • 29.7.2011 - Sr. Piera Cavaglià
    Rottenbuch (Germany). Animate the spiritual exercises of the Sisters in the province, deepening the theme: "We are accompanied", until August 4.

  • 29.7.2011 - Sr. Emilia Musatti
    Mornese (Italy). Accompany the spiritual exercises of the communities dependent on Mother General, at the house of spirituality "Mazzarelli".

  • 29.7.2011 - Mother General and the General Council
    Rome (Italy). Conclusion of the summer plenum which began on June 1st.

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    30.6.2011 - Third Seminar on Accompaniment ^ Top ^

    Third Seminar on Accompaniment

    Castelgandolfo (Italy). What influence did St. Teresa of Avila have on St. Maria Domenica Mazzarello's style of accompaniment? This question guided the Third Seminar on accompaniment that took place on June 28. La Madre, the Sisters of the General Council and the consultants of the various sectors took part in the event. Also participating were Sr. Josefa Revilla and Sr. Gemma Paganini, respectively mistress of novices and assistant of the novices at Castel Gandolfo. Another objective of the seminar was that of focusing on the specific influence on the formation of the first FMA community.

    The first reflection , St. Teresa of Avila and St. Maria Domenica Mazzarello; comparing two spiritualities with particular reference to the style of accompaniment, was offered by Fr. Luigi Gaetani ocd, who in speaking of the two figures of the saints presented their lives as two stories of convergent salvation. The reading on Mother Mazzarello's capacity for contemplation was interesting: “If I were to sum up the contemplation of Maria Domenica Mazzarello I would say that it was all on the point of a needle” he concluded.

    Sr. Maria Esther Posada, instead, presented the theme: Teresian resonances in the style of personal accompaniment reflected in the Letters of Maria Domenica Mazzarello to the FMA, accentuating the importance of the private talk that comes from a spirit of confidence, without which, for Sr. Maria Esther, there is no true Salesianity.

    The last intervention was entrusted to Sr.Sylwia Ciezkowska, FMA who presented a reflection on Teresian resonances in the style of community accompaniment by Maria Domenica Mazzarello. Starting from the study of different sources, she brought out how some of the characteristics of the style of community accompaniment of Mother Mazzarello were derived from a direct knowledge of the life and writings of Saint Teresa.

    The proposed content was very rich, and the participants had a way of studying more in depth some characteristics of the style of accompaniment of the two saints and comparing them. Also very interesting were the interventions of the assembly that interacted with questions and reflections.

    The seminar was lived by all in a climate of fraternity and sharing.

    La Madre concluded by emphasizing how our spirituality is rooted in a great mystical tradition. Recalling the FMA Constitutions, she brought out how in them one can see the interweaving of the relationships to which each FMA is called, relationships with God, with her Sisters, and with the young people. She invited all to reflect on what had been said during the day and to truly allow themselves to be invaded by the Spirit, as were the two holy foundresses. - Close up
    27.6.2011 - Porta Palazzo: diplomate in accoglienza ^ Top ^

    Porta Palazzo: diplomate in accoglienza

    Torino (Italia). Sabato 4 giugno, nella sala parrocchiale della Chiesetta Succursale in Piazza Maria Ausiliatrice si è radunato il mondo delle donne del progetto Aperta-mente Cittadine, di Porta Palazzo, per la Festa finale dell'anno. Dopo una mattinata di preparazione, in cui Bruna Altare e Gianni, pilastri dell'Oratorio Valdocco volontari anche all'interno del progetto, hanno condiviso con la comunità fma, l'allegra fatica dell'allestimento dell'ambiente, si è spalancato il pomeriggio regalando una partecipazione veramente travolgente. Fra palloncini, vetrine dei prodotti realizzati, pannelli fotografici, memoria del vissuto e tantissimi bambini, animati dal gruppo delle giovani volontarie, si è realizzato un piccolo sogno costruito nel tempo.

    La consegna dei diplomi alle meritevoli, per presenza e profitto, ufficialmente distribuiti dalle volontarie presenti su ogni ambito di attività, l'esibizione canora delle premiate: “Ti do la pace” canto proposto dal Sermig e imparato nei vari laboratori, debitamente accompagnato da chitarra e jambee, il Concerto Gospel offerto dal gruppo “Free Spirit” di Chieri, animato dal Maestro Raffaele Lo Buono e, gran finale, merenda multietnica preparata e condivisa, primi fra tutti dai bambini, increduli e un po' storditi nel vedere le loro mamme così protagoniste della festa!

    Raccontano le sorelle della comunità fma di Porta Palazzo: «Le nostre mamme sono arrivate, con grappoli di bimbi, vestite a festa, permettendoci di “assaggiare” lo stile, l'eleganza, la profonda dignità che caratterizzano i loro momenti importanti, ufficiali! Il salone, traboccante di gente, trasudava di commozione e tanta gratitudine: ogni anno questa festa è una scommessa, ma è anche una conferma del “benessere” di questa nostra presenza! Emanuela Balbo, Legale Rappresentante dell'Associazione 2PR, ha voluto condividere con noi buona parte della festa, ed è stato un dono grande di intensità di presenza, che le donne non hanno dimenticato: fra i “pensieri del giorno dopo” , condivisi in laboratorio come verifica e risonanza del vissuto è risuonato più volte il suo nome!

    Sono state premiate una settantina di donne, consegnando loro l'attestato, un simbolico astuccio con la rappresentazione del mondo, per custodire in cuore quell'idea di cittadinanza senza frontiere che abbiamo condiviso lungo l'anno…e una rosa, una semplice bellissima rosa manufatta da Bruna per ciascuna delle presenti: un tocco di delicata signorilità che fa bene al cuore di ciascuno di noi…
    Il Concerto ha dato una sfumatura in più: nel messaggio universale della musica si sono ritrovati tutti, anche nel Gospel forse un po' troppo “di parte” per un pubblico prevalentemente musulmano, ma i ritmi e la passione hanno creato un sottofondo di armonia comune e condivisa, esplosa nel finale di “Happy day!” in cui il gruppo nigeriano non ce l'ha più fatta a rimanere seduto e, invadendo la navata della piccola chiesetta con danze e movimenti “pregati” che solo un corpo africano sa regalare, ha riempito di stupore e meraviglia gli occhi e il cuore di tutti!». - Close up
    25.6.2011 - La Madre at the Gratitude Day of the Rector Major ^ Top ^

    La Madre at the Gratitude Day of the Rector Major

    Rome (Italy). On June 24, Mother Yvonne Reungoat, along with some Sisters of her Council, responded to the invitation from the SDB Vicar General Fr. Adriano Bregolin to participate in the name day of Don Bosco which his ninth successor, Fr. Pascual Chávez Villanueva took as the opportunity to continue the traditional “Gratitude Day”.

    The day had two particularly significant moments at the Generalate on the Via Pisana. In the morning that of the celebration of the Eucharist followed by dinner, and in the evening, the festive encounter with the participation of friends and the members of the Salesian Family. La Madre was present in the former. At the beginning of the Eucharistic celebration, the Vicar General in his greeting gave the motivation for the significance of the celebration and addressed words of affection and gratitude to Fr. Pascual, bringing out the fact that “he carries out his assigned task, that of Rector Major, very well !”

    He also thanked those present, from the whole SDB Council, the director and community of the Generalate, the new Provincials who were in Rome for a formation course, to the University Rector of the UPS, to the director of the community in the Vatican and the other Salesians who attended. Thanks was also expressed to la Madre and those councilors who represented the whole Council. The dinner, with the presence of Cardinal Raffaele Farina, offered the opportunity for a lively exchange of wishes.

    With pleasant expressions and in a family-like climate there followed the words of the director of the house, Fr. Giuseppe Nicolussi, the Rector of the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome, and the group of New Provincials. La Madre had words of affection and gratitude for the Rector Major who, she emphasized, we feel to be the father and guide of the Salesian Family and who has shown a particular attention for our Institute. Mother Yvonne took advantage of the occasion to thank Fr. Pascual and all the Salesian Confreres who, in every part of the world work alongside the FMA in ministry and collaboration at various levels, in the name of a shared charism. In the evening, other FMA participated in the celebration, among whom were M.Antonia Colombo, the animator and the Preside of the Faculty of the Science of Education, “Auxilium”. - Space for the Young
    29.6.2011 - Presentation of the 26th World Youth Day ^ Top ^

    Presentation of the 26th World Youth Day A press conference was held this morning (28 JUN 2011) in the Holy See Press Office to present the twenty-sixth World Youth Day (WYD), which will be held in the Spanish capital city of Madrid from 16 to 21 August. The conference was presented by Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, president of the Pontifical Council for the Laity; Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela, archbishop of Madrid; Yago de la Cierva, executive director of WYD 2011; Elsa Vazquez Maggio, an international volunteer, and Jose Antonio Martinez Fuentes, secretary general of WYD 2011.

      "Each World Youth Day is an extraordinary experience for a Church which is friend to young people, which shares their problems", said Cardinal Rylko. "A Church which places herself at the service of the new generations. It is an experience of Universal Church - unique of its kind - which embraces the entire planet, of a young Church full of enthusiasm and missionary vigour. It is an epiphany of the Christian faith which has truly planetary dimensions. And young people, especially in the old and profoundly secularised continent of Europe, have particular need of all this".

      The cardinal recalled how this is the second occasion that Spain has "generously welcomed" WYD, and he spoke of the last time the event was held in that country, at Santiago de Compostela in 1989. It was there, he said, "that World Youth Day came to be structured as we know it today: three days of catechesis, a prayer vigil on the Saturday night, then the closing Eucharistic celebration and the dispatch of young people as missionaries. Also at Santiago de Compostela, pilgrimage came to be an essential factor of young people's journey in the footsteps of Peter's Successor.

      "Over succeeding years", he added, "each WYD has brought something new to the programme: the Way of the Cross at Denver, U.S.A., in 1993; preparatory days spent in dioceses prior to the main event and the 'Festival of Youth' (a kind of cultural programme) at Paris, France, in 1997; the 'Feast of Forgiveness' (300 confessionals crowded with young people in the Circus Maximus) at Rome in 2000; the 'Vocations Fair' at Toronto, Canada, in 2002, and the adoration of the Eucharist at Cologne, Germany, in 2005. Thus the proposal made to young people on each occasion is in continual evolution, seeking to respond to the true spiritual needs of today's youth".

      The cardinal also provided some statistics, noting that "WYD in Madrid is going to be a very significant event". Four hundred thousand young people have already signed up; they will be accompanied by14,000 priests and by 744 bishops, of whom 263 will be responsible for catechesis. Two hundred and fifty sites have been assigned for catechesis, which will be delivered in thirty languages, and 700,000 copies of "YOUCAT" will be distributed in six languages. Twenty-four thousand volunteers from different countries will be involved in various services. Finally, before reaching Madrid, the young people will be welcomed in sixty-eight Spanish dioceses, "in confirmation of the fact that the entire Church in Spain is directly involved in the WYD experience", said the cardinal. For those unable to reach Madrid, "simultaneous gatherings of young people have been organised in countries such as Ukraine, Burundi and Madagascar. They will be linked to the main event in Madrid by television and internet.

      "The Pope's presence is the culminating moment of any WYD", said the president of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, noting that the forthcoming event in Madrid "will take place in the light of the recent beatification of John Paul II, founder of World Youth Days. Thus John Paul II will return among the young people he loved so much, and who loved him. He returns as blessed, patron and protector. Indeed, the Eucharistic celebration welcoming the youth to Madrid, presided by Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela, archbishop of the city, on 16 August, will be dedicated to the new blessed".

    Vatican Information Service

    El rostro joven de la JMJ! - Space for the Young
    27.6.2011 - International Youth Choir will support the singing of the faithful at WYD ^ Top ^

    International Youth Choir will support the singing of the faithful at WYD If you are part of a choir and you’d like to sing at World Youth Day, you can sign up for the WYD International Youth Choir.

    This is your opportunity to help out with the songs at the main events of WYD!

    The requirements for the choir are:
    -    it must have at least 20 people
    -    members must be under age 35
    -    members must be in Madrid starting August 14 to rehearse
    -    all members must be registered as WYD Madrid 2011 pilgrims.

    The WYD International Youth Choir will be formed by the choirs selected and is expected to have up to 6,000 members who will help encourage all those attending WYD to participate in the songs sung by the faithful.

    "This initiative is part of the effort we’re making to unite the quality and participation we’re striving for in the music at the main events," said Pedro Alfaro, Director of the WYD Choir and Orchestra.

    Also, in recent months, many choirs from around the world have taken great interest in finding out how they can participate... Are you going to let this opportunity go by?

     - Space for the Young
    25.6.2011 - The WYD Cross and Icon ^ Top ^

    The WYD Cross and Icon It is known as the "Holy Year Cross", the "Jubilee Cross", the "WYD Cross", the "Pilgrim Cross"; many call it the "Young People´s Cross" because it has been given to young people to take across the world, to all places at all times . This is its history:

    It was the year 1984, the Holy Year of the Redemption, when Pope John Paul II decided that a cross, symbol of the faith, had to be near the main altar of Saint Peter´s Basilica, where everyone could see it. So a great wooden cross was installed, 3.8 meters high, exactly as he wished.

    At the end of the Holy Year, after closing the Holy Door, the Pope handed this cross to the young people of the world, represented by youngsters from the Saint Lawrence International Youth Center in Rome. His words on that occasion were: "Dear young people, on closing the Holy Year, I entrust to you the sign of this Jubilee Year: the Cross of Christ! Take it around the world as sign of the love of the Lord Jesus for humanity and proclaim to all that only in Christ dead and risen is there salvation and redemption" (Rome, April 22, 1984).

    The young people made their own the Holy Father´s wish. They took the Cross to the Saint Lawrence Center, which became its permanent home during the periods it was not on pilgrimage in the world.

    In 2003, at the end of Palm Sunday Mass, John Paul II gave young people a copy of the icon Maria Salus Populi Romani: "To the delegation that has come from Germany I also give today the icon of Mary. Henceforth, together with the Cross, this icon will accompany World Youth Days. It will be the sign of the maternal presence of Mary close young people, called -- as the Apostle Saint John -to receive her in their life" (Angelus, 18th World Youth Day, April 13, 2003). The original version of the icon is kept in the Basilica of Saint Mary Major in Rome.

    There are many testimonies of persons who have been profoundly touched by their encounter with the Cross: in recent years, these testimonies have been even more numerous, or perhaps they have had a wider diffusion through the Internet. These testimonies can be found in the Saint Lawrence International Youth Center, usual home of the Cross, but also in magazines and publications dedicated to WYDs. Some wonder how two wooden pieces can have such an effect on a person´s life; yet, wherever the Cross goes, people ask that it might return. Seen on this Cross is the presence of the love of God. Through this Cross, many young people are able to understand better the Resurrection and some find the courage to make decisions in regard to their life.